Sociology students at Dickinson don't accept it when they hear "Well, that's just the way it is." They never stop asking why.

Why has inequality increased? Why does race still matter? Why does gender mean so much? Sociology students at Dickinson explore these questions (and more) through real world experience, challenging coursework, and independent research projects.

What you can expect from Sociology at Dickinson:

  • Challenging but friendly learning environments in and beyond the classroom
  • Support for developing critical thinking skills and applying them to real-world problems
  • Training in both qualitative and quantitative research skills, from research design to interviewing to data analysis
  • Training in the art of active listening to effective speaking and presentation of data
  • Opportunities to work on research with faculty 
  • Opportunities to pursue your own research interests through classes, independent studies, and senior theses
  • Opportunities to engage in community-based empirical research in the U.S. and globally, applying the theoretical and methodological skills you have developed

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Erik Love
Associate Professor of Sociology

Department Coordinator:
Maria Ritchie
Academic Department Coordinator


219A, Denny Hall
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Sarah House '20 presents at SSSI

Sarah House '20 presents at SSSI

Sociology major Sarah House '20 presented her paper "Why Dorian Gray Can't Live with Himself: A Dramaturgical Analysis" in August at the annual meeting of The Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction. Sarah used Erving Goffman's concept of the presentation of self to analyze the morality of Dorian's actions in Oscar Wilde's novel and argued for the value of symbolic interactionism as a tool of literary analysis.