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Diversity and Inclusion

A community of global citizens

Diversity and Inclusion

One of our Strategic Priorities is to Institutionalize Inclusivity.

Inclusivity means full engagement, in principle and practice, for all members of the community, each of whom brings a unique voice and worldview to Dickinson.

Our definition of inclusion requires that we challenge traditional and emergent dynamics that shape and limit experiences on campus, in the United States, and in the world.

Inclusion necessitates going beyond metrics of representational diversity to create an environment where everyone is self-aware, empowered to ask questions, contribute ideas, challenge Institutional assumptions and paradigms, and revise viewpoints.

Creating an inclusive environment requires that we strategically create initiatives and policies that foster diversity and address inequities across all aspects of college life. The All-college Committee on Equity, Inclusivity & Belonging (which includes BERT - the Bias Education and Response Team) and the Office of Equity & Inclusion focus on these objectives, while deepening our commitment to these principles among students, faculty and staff and across all college divisions and departments.

We are committed to an Inclusive Environment that...

  • acknowledges that we all belong to multiple cultures that influence our actions, beliefs, interactions
  • values these cultural influences because they challenge our thinking and enrich our community
  • provides opportunities to raise awareness, increase critical analysis, and develop socially responsible action
  • establishes a foundation for greater civility in all interactions
  • enables us to achieve excellence in learning, teaching, student development, institutional functioning, and engagement in local and global communities

An Inclusive Environment provides support for me to...

  • develop a greater understanding about my own worldview and how it influences my actions
  • consider how I am positioned in relation to others; recognize differences based on worldview
  • seek out opportunities for greater openness to other ideas and behaviors, to other cultures
  • take risks in my learning by developing greater openness to learn more about myself and those in the community
  • revise my worldview and take action to promote equity on and off campus

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Dickinson Listens

Dickinson Listens

Creating an inclusive campus is an on-going process. Dickinson invites community input through various venues and mediums to guide our collective work in meeting this goal.

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