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The Office of Equity & Inclusivity

The Office of Equity & Inclusion (OEI) advances institutional diversity and principles of social justice at Dickinson College. Through partnerships with the Dickinson community, we work towards a campus where all students, staff, and faculty thrive and succeed.

OEI builds and strengthens campus awareness on how various forms of oppression impact communities and empowers Dickinsonians by providing tools to combat multiple forms of injustice and inequity. OEI creates educational and cocurricular experiences to build capacity and skills, develops programs focused on domestic and global issues, and provides community-building opportunities.

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Department Head

Tony BostonVice President and Chief Diversity Officer





Old West Mailing Address

OEI operates through an intersectional lens which recognizes that ability, class, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexuality, and other social identities always overlap. Our work is critically informed by anti-racist, feminist, queer, spiritual pluralist, and decolonial theory as we pursue liberation, equity, and restorative justice. Drawing from this shared commitment and focus, each OEI unit brings deep expertise to serve and address the needs of specific identity groups and communities on campus.

OEI provides the Dickinson community with the knowledge and expertise to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the institution.

Resources we provide for faculty, staff, and students include, but are not limited to:

  • Leadership and development opportunities
  • Strategic consultations with campus departments and student organizations
  • Training, development, and skill-building workshops
  • Educational programs that advance equity and inclusion
  • Community building opportunities
  • Connections to resources & support

An Inclusive Community provides support for me to:

  • develop a greater understanding about my own worldview and how it influences my actions        
  • consider how I am positioned in relation to others and how my actions impact others
  • understand how systems of power and privilege operate
  • engage in dialogue that makes room for differences based on worldview and social identities
  • take risks as I learn by being willing to learn more about myself and those in the community
  • feel empowered to evaluate and revise my worldview and adjust my behavior accordingly
  • participate in a community where everyone has space to learn and grow through restorative practices
  • take responsibility for the impact I have on the community
  • take informed action to promote equity on and off campus

Office of Equity and Inclusivity includes:

We are located at 101 S. College Street, on the corner of South College and West Pomfret. Come and visit!