The Washington Post

(Op-Ed) Do menacing comments about Hillary Clinton cross the First Amendment line?

"The 2016 presidential election has been notable for the rhetorical vitriol pervading the campaign, and unfortunately Donald Trump’s suggestion Tuesday that “Second Amendment people” might be able to offer some sort of corrective to a Hillary Clinton presidency is merely a continuation of this well-established pattern."

Christian Science Monitor

If 'all women can shine' in Japan, can they do so on the imperial throne?

"If Japan's emperor is allowed to abdicate, its politicians may have to answer an uncomfortable question: why can't women inherit the Chrysanthemum Throne?"

Associated Press

DIVIDED AMERICA: Even in fractured land, there's much unity

"Outside the Annin Flagmakers factory in this perennial swing state, a summer of discontent is brewing. "

The Huffington Post

(Op-Ed) Leading Republicans Plumb The Depths Of Racist Islamophobia

"Republican leaders, eager to stoke the ugliest aspects of their right-wing base, have found yet another new low for racist Islamophobia in American politics. "


Clinton’s defense of “peace-loving Muslims” is a bad response to Trump’s offensive comments

"In the past several months, Donald Trump’s rhetoric toward Muslims in America has become increasingly extreme. "

Roll Call

Bill Clinton: The First Running Mate

"Former president has unique and unpredictable role as Hillary Clinton's spouse."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Democrats get ready for Philadelphia

"Last week’s Republican convention in Cleveland was marked by rancor, division, anger and hyperpartisan politics."

News & Observer

(Op-Ed) Missing their mark: Athlete activism for the poor and impoverished

"In the past few weeks, a number of high-profile black athletes have added their voices to a growing spirit of activism across the country. "


A Brief History of the Traffic Stop (Or How the Car Created the Police State)

"The story of the traffic stop shows the way the automobile fundamentally changed the relationship between the police and the citizenry."

Free College for All, but Where’s the Choice?

Outlet: Diverse

In vying for the White House, both Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders put forth plans that would make higher education free — either for the most needy or for everyone — as part...


Outlet: Newsweek

Pro-anorexia forums can be some of the only platforms for sufferers to candidly discuss their condition, but these sites can also exacerbate the problem.

Politics can solve the gun problem

Outlet: The Hill

The political response to this past weekend’s horrific shooting of nightclub patrons in Orlando was entirely predictable.

Eyjafjallajökull Gave Lava and Ice Researchers an Eyeful

Outlet: Earth & Space Science News

New insights from the 2010 eruption may help volcanologists determine how glaciers shaped ancient lava flows.

Guy Donated His Hipster Beard To Help Soak Up Future Oil Spills

Outlet: The Huffington Post

Shaving a longtime beard can be a total buzzkill. But when it came time for Scott Boback to get rid of the facial hair that took 20 months to grow...


Outlet: Campus Rush

Three times Reed Salmons ignored the phone calls. Final exams were approaching, so was winter break and Salmons' senior season of college lacrosse...

Shredding Lincoln

Outlet: The Illinois Times

The world had always known about Grace Bedell, an 11-year-old girl who had urged Abraham Lincoln, months before he became president, to grow a beard...

The Value of College

Outlet: The New York Times

“A Broken Bargain With College Graduates” (editorial, May 22) uses President Obama’s commencement address...

Can Trump Turn Pennsylvania's Disaffected Democrats Into Believers By November?

Outlet: NPR

Walk around a Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders game talking to Donald Trump supporters, and you'll ...

10 soccer books to consider adding to your summer reading list

Outlet: The Washington Post

“American Huckster”. How Chuck Blazer Got Rich From – and Sold Out – the Most Powerful ...

Sanders legacy: 'liberal' no longer a four-letter word?

Outlet: The Christian Science Monitor

Bernie Sanders remains focused on now-dwindling hopes for the presidential nomination. But followers say...

Shouldn’t We Get Guidance on Transgender Issues from Our Transgender God?

Outlet: The Huffington Post

Nothing made me prouder to be an American than Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s impassioned defense...

Why Can’t a Jew Sing About Jesus?

Outlet: The Huffington Post

On a recent rainy Spring Sunday, I heard that a little Welsh church on the Pennsylvania-Maryland...

Pastrami on rye: A full-length history of the New York Jewish deli

Outlet: PRI's The World

Overstuffed pastrami or corn beef on rye? Today these are popular dishes of choice in Jewish American delicatessens — a hallmark of an iconic New York institution...

Can Jews Reclaim Passover as a Cultural, Non-Religious Holiday?

Outlet: Huffington Post

Although he didn’t believe in God, belong to a synagogue or celebrate the Sabbath, when the full moon rose in the sky around the time of the vernal equinox, ...

Microbes Darkening Glaciers, Speeding Their Melt, Scientists Say

Outlet: The Weather Channel

Arctic glaciers are already melting fast due to climate change, but now scientists believe a frightening new microbiological factor will also speed up their thaw...

Microbes Darkening Glaciers, Speeding Their Melt, Scientists Say

Outlet: The Weather Channel

Arctic glaciers are already melting fast due to climate change, but now scientists believe a frightening new microbiological factor will also speed up their thaw...