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Forms & Guides for Grant Proposers

Forms for Dickinson Principal Investigators (PIs)



Policy & Links

Project Funding Search Request Form PDF Link to: Dickinson Sponsored Projects & Grants Policies 
Grant Clearance/ Notification Form, for *all* Dickinson Principal Investigators (PIs) and Project Directors (PDs) PDF

See Policies:

"Approval and Submission of Proposals"

"Authorized Institutional Signatories"

Principal Investigator Debarment and Suspension Certification Form PDF

See Policies:   

"Individual Debarment and Certification"

Principal Investigator Debarment and Suspension Annual Recertification Form PDF

See Policies:   

"Individual Debarment and Certification"

PI Assurance Certification Form (for NIH PIs only) PDF


Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) /Significant Financial Interest Disclosure Form PDF

See Policies:

Financial Conflict of Interest in Research Policy

FCOI CITI Training Login Info

NIH FCOI Training Module

NIH FCOI Regulations

Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Annual Recertification PDF  
Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research Certification Form (for students and faculty) under NIH funding PDF

See Policies:

"Training of Undergraduates in Responsible Conduct of Research"

Familial Relationship Disclosure Statement PDF  
PI Certification Form for Grant Setup PDF  
Guides, Policies, and Other Information for Dickinson Principal Investigators (PIs)
 Guides, etc. Downloads Notes
How to find required on-line training for IRB, IACUC, IBC, prospective Federal grant awardees, R&D Summer Research and Dana awardees. 

Research Training Finder

NSF Data Management Policy Guide & Process PDF (none)
PI Pocket Compliance Guide PDF (none)
Dickinson Sponsored Projects Policies Link (login required)
Fly America Rules

Checklist for Fly America Waiver

link to Fly America Act (49 U.S.C. 40118)
Prior Approval Request (for no-cost extensions, etc.) PDF 112.3F
Subrecipient Certification PDF 135.1
FDP Subaward Templates link