Institutional Awards

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation – Higher Education and Scholarship in the Humanities. $900,000.  (Neil Weissman/Provost and Dean of the College) This is a four-year grant to undertake, along with our community partners, a transformative initiative in civic learning and action. Specifically, Mellon Foundation funds will support the creation of a new Center for Civic Learning and Action that will combine our existing institutional strengths, coordinate a variety of related activities, and offer resources to extend successful projects and launch new ones. The grant will provide support for 1) an Executive Director for the Center and 2) a program fund for civic engagement projects connected to the humanities.

The Campbell Foundation. $24,980. (Julie Vastine/ALLARM) This grant will support the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM) for a project to develop and implement two new monitoring programs: 1) Susquehanna Stream Team and 2) Creek Watch.  The Bay Watershed Implementation Plans provide conduits for diverse stakeholder involvement, but what is the best way to engage local communities in assessing and contributing to water quality solutions?  Community-based stream monitoring is a strategy to reconnect Susquehanna communities to their streams, generating necessary data to determine whether the Bay blueprint is working. To achieve this goal, ALLARM has been collaborating with the Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper Association and the Middle Susquehanna Riverkeeper Association to assess stream monitoring needs and used in the Susquehanna River. In response to these conversations, ALLARM developed a Susquehanna River Stream Team protocol to engage volunteer teams throughout the Susquehanna tributaries to collect scientific data of known quality that can inform local approaches to achieving improved watershed health. To complement the Stream Team protocol, through this grant ALLARM will develop Creek Watch as an entry-level monitoring program to introduce visual stream monitoring to aquatic recreational users to help document potential sources of pollution in Susquehanna tributaries. This work will be done in collaboration with the Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper Association and the Middle Susquehanna Riverkeeper Association.

Faculty Awards

Harvard Catalyst Health Disparities Research Program, $5,500. (Suman Ambwani, Psychology). “Primary and Secondary Prevention of Eating Disorders.” The program promotes health equity by facilitating new collaborative research, education, and training opportunities in the biomedical, clinical, health policy, and social sciences to address racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, gender, sexual orientation, and other disparities in health and healthcare. With this announcement, Harvard Catalyst invites applications for pilot grants to support novel research partnerships with the potential to: (1) generate new evidence or methodologies that foster deeper understanding of eating disorders and health disparities, or (2) evaluate promising interventions to address these disparities. This grant will support Ambwani’s collaboration with her Harvard colleagues during two years.

Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc. - Teaching Open Source Project. $5,000. (Grant Braught, Mathematics and Computer Science) “Developing and enhancing course materials to teach free, libre, and open source software for Conservancy’s Teaching Open Source Project”

National Science Foundation. $25,125. (Brett Pearson, Physics and Astronomy) Supplement to NSF Grant (PHY1505679) titled “Strong Field Molecular Ionization with Shaped Ultrafast Laser Pulses”

Student Awards