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Data Management Plans

Principal Investigator  Federal Granting Agency and Project Title  Grant Identifier  Date of Award  
Benjamin Edwards National Science Foundation – Collaborative Research/RUI: "Testing Hypotheses on Pillow Lava Production During Glaciovolcanic Eruptions" NSF-EAR-1220403 7/13/2012
Benjamin Edwards
National Science Foundation – RAPID: RUI: Collaborative Research: Rapid Response to Ongoing Tolbachik Eruption.
Peter Sak National Science Foundation – Collaborative research/RUI: Quantifying weathering rind formation rates using U-series isotopes along steep gradients of precipitation, bedrock ages, and topography in Guadeloupe. NSF-EAR-1251969 9/10/2013
John Henson National Science Foundation - COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH/RUI: G protein regulation of the actin cytoskeleton in the cleavage stage embryo NSF-MCB-1412688  7/8/2014
Anthony Pires
National Science Foundation - Ocean Acidification/ Collaborative Research/RUI: Effects of Ocean Acidification on Larval Competence, Metamorphosis, and Juvenile Performance in a Planktotrophic Gastropod NSF-EF-1416690
Rebecca Connor
National Science Foundation - Chemistry of Life Processes - RUI: Electrophilic Modulation of the Heat Shock Response System NSF-CHE-1413074 8/18/2014