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Cost Rates & Useful Info

Revised 1-9-2024

Faculty Salary Rates:

  • Summer - governmental grants: 1/9 per month of base yearly salary to a maximum of 2/9ths for 2 months of summer research. This is the maximum allowable by federal grants. *Proposal writers: for multi-year grants calculate salary increases at 3% per year, per Dickinson policies. 
  • Summer - non-governmental grants: $500 per week for a maximum of 8 weeks - this corresponds to the maximum rate payable by the College's R&D Committee.
  • Course Reassigned Time Reimbursement:
    • Standard: 12% of the faculty investigator's institutional base salary (IBS) per reassigned time

Student Salary Rates:

  • Academic Year: For student research assistants, the hourly rate is $10. The student may be employed for up to 8 hours per week for 26 weeks.  
  • Summer: For those conducting grant-funded research including student assistants/collaborators during the summer, the rate is $450 per week. *Proposal writers: anticipate a rate of $450 per week through summer 2025 (see note).

Student Room Rates (estimates for summer, on-campus):

  • For those conducting grant-funded research including student assistants/collaborators during the summer, etc.: 
  • 2024:    $35.00 per day     $245.00 per week
  • 2025:    $36.00 per day     $252.00 per week
  • 2026:    $37.00 per day     $259.00 per week
  • 2027:    $38.00 per day     $266.00 per week

Room and Board rates for Dickinson summer programs and institutes (on campus): (estimates - contact CASE for updates)

  • Room Cost: $49.90 per person/per night + 6% occupancy tax (no one is exempt from this tax unless the stay is 28 consecutive days)
  • Board Cost: $42.25 per person/per day + 6% sales tax (no tax if organization is tax exempt)

Note on Projected Rates:

**Anticipated rates for future years are *projections only* to cover unexpected rate increases. Grant accounts will be billed/(and people compensated) at the prevailing rate at the time of billing regardless of what was projected in your budget. For example, if you projected a student stipend at $500 per month, and the actual rate at the time of award is $450 per month, then your student will be paid (and your grant will be billed) $450 per month.

Room and Board rates for Dickinson Off-Campus Projects (including off-campus conferences, workshops, field research at external laboratories, etc):

If you don't know actual costs, make an estimate based on current U.S. Federal Domestic or International Maximum Per Diem (see rates).
*Note that for federally-funded projects, the feds will only pay 75% of the Meals and Incidental Expense (M&IE) rate on the first and last day of your trip. Thus, for a conference that takes 5 days total including travel to/from Carlisle (on the first and last day) you calculate:  

4 nights housing, plus:
3 days M&IE at the 100% rate, plus
2 days M&IE at the 75% rate

International Scholars:  (estimates - contact CGSE for updates)

  • Housing:     $1,250 per month. Note that CGSE normally has available 3 houses plus 9 apartments.
  • Insurance:  $140 per month plus one month prior plus one month after. Ex: 10 months = $140x12 = $1,680 
  • Insurance:  $404 spouse per month; $313 per child per month, plus one month prior plus one month after.
  • SEVIS Fee: $180
  • Travel Int'l: $2,176 allocation
  • Salary:       $30K per year unless otherwise negotiated and/or budgeted.

Fringe Benefit Rates:

All Faculty and Staff: 32% of salaries and wages 
Student assistants - summer: 7.65% of total stipend
Student assistants - academic year: none

Fringe Benefits include: FICA, Workers' Compensation, State Unemployment Compensation, Medicare, Health Insurance, Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Retirement, Tuition Remission, Employment Assistance Program, MEDIGAP, Emeriti Retirement Health VEBA, and Misc. Benefit Expenses.

Mileage Reimbursement:

Federal and state reimbursement rate from January 1, 2024 is 67 cents per mile.

College Van Usage: (estimates - contact Public Safety for updates)
             32 cents per mile for mini vans
             37 cents per mile for full-sized vans (11-passenger)

Domestic/International Airfare:

For domestic and international flights, get an estimate from, or other website. ** Note that if you are making an international flight with federal funds, you must abide by the rules under the Fly America Act. Contact the Center for Global Studies and Engagement (x1341). They work with travel agencies that understand the rules and can help you book your travel in compliance with the regulations. Please also connect with Uniglobe Travel Designers via the Gateway. 

Local Hotel/Housing:

Dickinson has special discounted room rates at the Comfort Suites Hotel in downtown Carlisle. Current estimate is: $106 per night + tax; ($110 per night + tax June-July). Contact the hotel for current rate.  
Order code/ID for Dickinson:  "L-Univ"

Facilities and Administrative (F&A)/Indirect Cost Rates: (download the current DHHS Agreement)

Grants not specifying a rate: 42% of total direct costs (Modified Total Direct Costs – see agreement for details pertaining to exclusions)
Exceptions*: 15% of total direct costs (Modified Total Direct Costs – see agreement for details pertaining to exclusions)

The College’s current federal Facilities and Administrative (F&A) recovery rates - formerly known as indirect cost rates - were negotiated with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and are valid through June 30, 2027 *This rate has rarely been used in cases where the bulk of the research is undertaken off campus. This rate must be approved in advance by the Dean of Academic Affairs and Vice President of Financial Operations. No exceptions.

Federal Per Diem Rates:

Domestic: see GSA Federal Domestic Per Diem Website
Foreign: see Department of State Per Diem Website

Boilerplate Language on Institutional Grants Administration:

Dickinson College has many years of experience successfully administering federal funds, including grants from the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of State, and the National Science Foundation (NSF), among others. Procedures are in place through our Office of Financial Operations for receiving funds, accounting for expenditures, submitting reimbursements, and preparing detailed reports pertaining to federal grants.

Boilerplate Language on Institutional Financial Accounting System:

Dickinson College currently uses the Banner financial system, a product developed by Ellucian. The Banner system combines manual and automated procedures that result in a double entry transaction recording format. This system tracks account-level activity through fund specific accounting, which allows proper and accurate segregation of grant related funding and expenditures.

Institutional Financial Information:

Link to Financial Statements on-line

Link to 501(c)3 determination

Institutional Identifiers:

Federal EIN:         23-1365954
DUNS Number:    003029253
Unique Entity Identifier (UEI): G4KQDKZBL848
IRB Indentifier:     IRB00004586
ORHP FWA:         FWA00009655 (Federal Wide Assurance on human subject research)
Animal Welfare Assurance:   pending renewal
PA Vendor ID:     117669 (also PA "SAP Vendor ID")
NAICS Code:       611310
SIC Code:           8221
CAGE/NCAGE:     0DGE5      

College address for federal proposals that list the UEI:  Dickinson College, 28 North College Street, Carlisle, PA  17013-2311

Political Districts and Representatives:

Dickinson's U.S. Congressional District: 10th (PA-010 on Grants.Gov applications)
Dickinson's U.S. Senators: Robert P. Casey, Jr. and John Fetterman
Dickinson's U.S. House District: 10th (Representative Scott Perry)
Dickinson's State Senate District: 34th (Senator Greg Rothman)
Dickinson's State House District: 199th (Representative Barbara Gleim)