Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

Dickinson College has seen an increase in the number of students returning to campus with Peer-to-Peer clients installed on their computers. 

Students are prohibited from using College-provided computer/network services to:

  • Interfere with any other person's fair use of computer systems.
  • Violate any local, state or federal law.
  • Establish workgroup file sharing, print sharing or peer-to-peer services on any segment of the Dickinson campus network without approval and verification from LIS.

This is detailed in the Dickinson College's Responsible Use Policy.

Unauthorized peer-to-peer network sharing products allow users to share and download applications and materials across diverse networks that may pose the risk of downloading and sharing license and copyrighted materials, for which there can be legal ramifications.

Many unauthorized peer-to-peer network sharing products consume and abuse network resources. The use of these products on the campus network may impact network performance for the entire campus community.

Infrastructure Systems manages the use of these products across the campus network through the campus packet shaping network appliance.

Whenever Infrastructure Systems discovers the use of an unauthorized peer-to-peer network sharing product that is adversely impacting network performance or receives notification of licensing or copyright violations the following steps will be taken:

For a first offense of this policy the offending computer is blocked from accessing the campus network infrastructure. Student systems must be taken to the RSA and the peer-to-peer network sharing product will be removed from the system. Faculty, administrative and staff systems must be cleaned by the assigned User Services liaison. After the offending system is certified clean the system will be permitted access to campus network infrastructure.

For a second offense the system will be blocked from the campus network infrastructure for a period of 2 weeks after the system has been deemed clean by the RSA or User Services liaison.

A third offense will result in the removal of the computer for an entire semester.

If you are unsure about software you are using contact or to determine if the program you are using is an authorized peer-to-peer network sharing product.