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Cable TV & Telephone

Cable TV

The Dickinson College cable TV system is a digital system. All TVs directly attached to the cable TV system must have a QAM tuner. Analog televisions (commonly tube TVs) will not work when directly connected to the cable TV system. An analog television can be used if it is first connected to a digital tuner. There are a number of commercially available tuners, but LIS has verified the proper operation of this tuner to be compatible with our system:

If you do have a digital television, simply plug directly into the wall outlet and run a channel scan to receive the channels that are currently available. If you are using a digital tuner, simply plug the tuner directly into the wall outlet and plug your TV into the tuner and run a channel scan to receive the channels that are currently available.

The cable TV system provides HD programming on the majority of the channels. It also provides the full cable channel lineup on all active cable TV jacks on campus to include common areas and bedrooms in the residential spaces. IS does not provide the cable to attach the TV or tuner to the wall outlet, you will be responsible for providing your own coaxial/RF cable.

The following channel guide list the current cable TV programming available to the campus community:

Network Channel
3 College Info Channel
8.1 NBC
8.2 MeTV
15.1 Comet
21.1 CBS
21.2 MyTV
21.3 CW
27.1 ABC
27.2 ION
27.3 getTV
27.4 Laff
33.1 PBS
33.2 PBS (kids)
43.1 FOX
43.2 Antenna
49.1 LighthouseTV
200 Cuba
201 RAI (Italy)
202 TV Japan
203 Deutsch
204 CCTV (China)
206 RTN (Russia)
209 Mexico
211 NASA
214 Oman TV (Arabic)
215 TV5 Monde (France)