Wireless Internet Access

You may be one of the growing number of people who have installed a wireless (WiFi) network in your home. While it is easy to install a wireless access point (WAP), the current state of the technology does not lend itself to securely installing one on the campus network. An unsecured WAP on campus represents a network vulnerability. Your attention is directed to the “Background” section below.

This policy governs all Dickinson College campus wireless network access. It also covers any computer, system or device that may have an installed wireless network adaptor that may operate as a wireless access point (WAP) or “hotspot” and is used to access the campus network and campus network resources. Windows users must disable Internet Connection Sharing. Mac users must follow the instructions for the specific software that they installed to enable home networking and by paying particular attention to turning off the DHCP server setting. The home networking configuration is not permitted on the college network because it interferes with the ResNet registration process.


Since 2005 LIS has expanded the campus wireless network access to include all campus facilities that are serviced by the campus wired network. The campus wireless network is compliant with the IEEE 802.11 a/b/g standards.

Students, faculty and staff have full access to the campus wireless network and can authenticate to the network using your normal network credentials. Guests have access to campus provided Internet services and can obtain a temporary guest ID and password at the library circulation desk or the LIS Helpdesk.

Many personal devices, such as smartphones, come equipped with the capability to operate as a WAP or hotspot. Likewise other systems on campus, like overhead projectors, also are equipped with these capabilities. This functionality can interfere with the operation of the campus wireless network. They also create unsecured access to the campus network that may allow unauthorized/unregistered users access to the campus network and college computing resources.


The Infrastructure Systems department is solely responsible for installing. authorizing and maintaining wireless access and wireless networking services on the Dickinson College campus network. No other WAP's or wireless hotspot devices are permitted to be connected to the Dickinson College campus network.

Unauthorized WAP's or wireless hotspot devices will be removed from the Dickinson College network. The owner of the unauthorized WAP will be considered to have committed a violation of the Responsible Use Policy.


Accessing Dickinson College Wireless Internet Access