College Sponsored Guest

The Guest network is available to guests for connecting to the wireless network. This network only allows access to web based resources. This means you can only access Web based emails such as Gmail, Yahoo, ect. Traditional e-mail client programs such as Outlook or Apple Mail will not be able to connect.
Guest users may self-register to obtain an account to the network that will expire within 8 hours. Visitors and guest that will be on campus for more than a day may be sponsored by faculty and/or staff and obtain an account that will expire after no more than 5 days. For instructions on connecting to the Guest network, please click the links below:

Self-Registration Instructions &  Sponsored Registration instructions

Dickinson College is happy to extend Internet access to College Sponsored Campus Guests. This access, however, requires that you (“Guest”) understand that there are certain risks and responsibilities associated with such access. Guest User Agreement and Policy.