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Strategies, Organization, and Achievement Resources (SOAR)

Time Management and Organization

Below you'll find our most sought-after time management tips, apps, videos, and docs -- also available in the OWLL (Old West Lower Level).

Click here for Strategies for Time Management and Well-Being in College -- Especially During a Pandemic.
(This page includes a link to tips for Social, Emotional, and Mental Wellness.) 

Popular Time Management Resources

Tips and Words of Wisdom

Take it from the Pros

Take about 10 minutes and watch this really useful and encouraging video with 10 Time Management Tips. You'll be glad you did. 

Apps to Help You... 

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Block Distractions
Plan Your Time

Each of these apps allows you to enter course info, homework, tests, assignment due dates, etc., and will send you reminder notifications to help you stay on track.

  • myHomework is well-liked app that works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, Windows 8, and the Web. It syncs across devices and can also work offline. Free (version) or $1.99/year option that lets you enter classes by schedule.
  • iStudiezPro This award-winning app works on all iOS, MAC, PC and Android devices and syncs directly to iCal. Pro is $2.99 for your iPad or iPhone and $9.99 for your MAC or PC. Lite version is free. Here's a college student's helpful video about how to stay organized using iStudiezPro.
  • Schedule Planner works with iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle. Plan your day by color-coded categories and then see charts of your planned time vs. time spent on those tasks. Integrates with iCal and Google Calendar. Free version and pro version for $6.99.
Keep Track of Tasks and Time
  • Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List (Free version for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android), this app uses the highly acclaimed "Pomodoro Technique" of maximizing productivity by breaking large assignments down into smaller using timers to focus for 25 minutes, then taking a 5-minute break. 
  • Be Focused is a $0.99 iOS app that helps you get things done by breaking up assignments into smaller segments with intervals and required breaks built in…a proven technique for staying motivated and on task!
  • Any.Do Use this NY Times "TOP 10 MUST HAVE APP" to enter your to-do list, set deadlines, and be sent reminders. Works on iOS and Android. Integrates into Gmail. Free or $2.99/mo versions.
Wake Up!
  • Alarmy Pro gives you two options to silent the alarm: 1) Shake your phone; or 2) Go the place shown on your screen (that you previously set up, like the bathroom sink) and take a picture. Here’s a demo clip. Free versions for both iOS and Android.

These apps and more can be found in Mashable’s 25 Apps You’ll Need to Survive College.