Writing Support

Students can receive support with any type of writing assignment by scheduling appointments with Writing Center tutors. On the Writing Center website, you can also access a wealth of Resources for Writers --from professor's guidance, to citation help, to PowerPoint presentations and entertaining podcasts that offer support for all aspects of writing.

Although there is no "one right way" to write, and the writing process is not always linear, another helpful online tool to assist writers is an Assignment Calculator which breaks down a writing assignment into manageable steps with due dates for each. There are many available online. This sample Assignment Calculator was created by Rochester Institute of Technology.  Enter the class and due date of your assignment. Just skip where it asks you to enter your "RIT Username and Password." Note that this website contains links that will direct users to RIT-related resources, which may not be accessibly to non-RIT students. Please consider this a starting point for calculating all the steps involved in long-term assignments with proposed deadlines for each of those steps.

Want help planning your steps? Call the Writing Center at (717) 245-1620.