Memory Strategies


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Memory Boosters 

Online Flashcard/Study Sets

Need to learn a list of vocabulary or foreign words? Have to recall who made certain discoveries and when? Online flashcard programs are a great tool for learning and remembering. Read more to see which might be best for you... 

  • Quizlet: Create your own sets with words or uploaded images and Quizlet will generate digital (printable) flashcards, matching games, and even practice tests. It can read and spell words aloud--even foreign words, and you can share sets you create with friends. It'll change the way you study!
  • StudyBlue Downloadable to any platform, you can actually upload your notes to StudyBlue and then convert them into flashcards. Like Quizlet, you can create sets using your own text or select definitions of words from its millions of flashcards. You can enter audio and set up reminders to give you that nudge to you may need to study.

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