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Academic Advising

Dickinson’s approach to the liberal arts empowers students to make active decisions at every stage of their Dickinson education. Academic advising, a form of teaching at Dickinson, helps students identify, confirm and then pursue their emerging intellectual interests.

The student-advisor relationship begins months before you even step foot on campus. All incoming students work with a member of our summer advising program to discuss interests, goals and to develop a plan for the first semester. That hands-on support continues throughout your time at Dickinson.

Your faculty advisor, with the support of the Office of Academic Advising & Student Success helps you understand the logic of Dickinson’s education and maximize options for your college experience. Each choice that you make in terms of the courses that you take helps you customize an experience that represents your personal, intellectual and civic priorities. You are responsible for achieving rigorous academic standards, and we are responsible for providing careful support to foster your success.

The purpose of the Academic Advising program is to:

  • engage you in a community of inquiry by promoting self-reflection, intellectual exploration and thoughtful planning
  • encourage you to make responsible, independent decisions about your academic programs and the college curriculum
  • help you discover connections among interests and courses
  • assist as you prepare for your future after graduation

Over the course of our four-year curriculum, certain core values remain constant, such as our resolve to combine breadth and depth, our commitment to provide a useful education and our determination to foster a global perspective. At the same time, we recognize that your needs may change as you progress toward graduation (and launch!), so our focus on the development in confidence in the decisions you have made—and why you have made them—remains at the core of the Dickinson Academic Advising experience.

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