Student Petitions to the Subcommittee on Academic Standards

The College expects that students will know and follow college policies and regulations, and meet all deadlines as published. On rare occasions, a student may request special consideration regarding these policies and deadlines. The Academic Program and Standards Committee, considers student petitions in these cases.

NOTE: The Academic Program and Standards Committee also reviews applications for readmission for students who were required to withdraw for academic reasons, and reviews records of students who are not in good academic standing—i.e., first-year students must have 1.75 cum gpa, all others 2.00 cum gpa.

We expect students will petition in rare instances, when circumstances prevented them from meeting a deadline or regulation. Petitions are NOT meant to help someone avoid receiving a low grade.

For instance, the following situations are NOT grounds for a petition:

  • You wish to now share information you had withheld that you believe now explains why you earned a low grade
  • You wish to receive a retro-active accommodation for a learning disability that you are just now disclosing 

The Committee has appointed a Subcommittee on Academic Standards to hear these petitions all of which must be in writing, adhering to the following format.

Your petition should be clearly written and contain only information relevant to your request and your argument. Address your petition to the Subcommittee on Academic Standards and include the following (see example):

Address your petition to the Subcommittee on Academic Standards.  Complete the Petition Form, available when you
 *click here*  and send to (see example below):

- Your advisor must respond to any petition you submit.

- When you are requesting a change regarding a course enrollment, the professor of the course
must also respond.

- If you are referencing a physical or mental health issue as a reason for your request, you must provide documentation to the Health Center or Counseling Center respectively. You must also authorize them to provide the Subcommittee with relevant information regarding the situation.

- Depending on the circumstances, it may be relevant to have other college officials, such as other faculty members, the College counselors or other professional persons, or your resident advisor respond to the Subcommittee. Responses are only appropriate when that person has pertinent information.

- It is your responsibility to:

  • provide each respondent with a copy of your petition and to discuss it with them so that they are fully informed.
  • ask them to respond to your petition.  A response is required and does not guarantee the respondent's support  for your petition.
  • inform them to email the response to

NOTE: The Subcommittee will NOT consider statements from other students or from family members.

Please send your petition via email to the Subcommittee on Academic Standards at Petitions and responses MUST be sent via email.

The Subcommittee will convene on an as-needed basis to review petitions, beginning Thursday, February 4, 2010.  It is your responsibility to be sure that your petition and all responses are submitted via email to the Subcommittee by 4:00 p.m. on Friday in order to schedule a committee meeting.  You will be informed by letter/email from Brenda Bretz of the Subcommittee's action as soon as possible after the meeting.