SOAR Syllabus Statement and Tips for Faculty

Knowing how best to manage one's time in college, how to take notes, to study, to boost recall, and to prepare for and perform well on tests is something that must be learned. Some students come to college well prepared for these challenges, but many don't. And all students can benefit from the college success resources such as those SOAR has to offer,I including...

Faculty referrals for support from the office of SOAR are welcome. Just email the student with your recommendation and CC If you'd like to provide additional context for the referral, you can email Marni Jones at or John Joyce at  

Syllabus Statement

Here is a SOAR Syllabus Statement that faculty are encouraged to include in your syllabi: 

SOAR: Academic Success Support and More

Students can find a wealth of strategic academic success tools (like weekly planners and semester calendars) and other aids by going to Old West's Lower Level (aka "the OWLL") or online to SOAR stands for Strategies, Organization, and Achievement Resources, and there you'll find apps, tips, and other resources related to time management, study skills, memory strategies, note-taking, test-taking, and more. You’ll find tips for managing your well-being, as well as a schedule of academic success workshops offered through Academic Advising. If you’d like to request one-on-one assistance with developing a strategy for a manageable and academically successful semester, email