Support with Advising

In addition to the professional staff in the Advising Office, Peer Advisors are carefully trained upper-class students who serve as a supplemental resource to faculty advisors and their advisees. Peer Advisors are available to provide technical assistance to students for online course selection and adjustment, to help prepare students for their advising sessions with their faculty advisor, and to answer questions about academic requirements, campus resources, and other issues related to the academic program (See Advising FAQs). Peer Advisors do not replace faculty advisors, but rather seek to support the faculty advisor-advisee relationship and help students make informed decisions related to their academic program and major.

Peer Advisors are available to answer questions about policies, curriculum, Banner challenges, and much more!

Support with Time Management

Peer Advisors are also available to provide 1:1 meetings to support students with time management, long-range planning, study strategies, and tips on test-taking and test-prep. Peer Advisors will use and refer to such resources as those found on the SOAR (Strategies, Organization, and Achievement Resources) webpage.

To schedule a time management/study strategies session, please log into Handshake (via Dickinson’s Gateway) and select an appointment with one of our Peer Advisors.


Peer Advisors are available during the academic year when classes are in session. We have attempted to provide ample appointment options, regardless of time zone. Appointments with a Peer Advisor may be scheduled through Handshake (via Dickinson’s Gateway).

You may also email questions to us at