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 Our kindergarten program at DCCC is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and our curriculum is guided by the Pennsylvania Kindergarten Standards. We offer a supportive and enriching environment where children can explore, discover, create and learn through a variety of hands-on experiences. We offer monthly field trips to nearby locations as well as visiting a few of the on campus buildings such as the Planetarium, Tree House, Trout Gallery and Green House. The children also volunteer monthly at Project Share to help with food distribution.  Small group, large group and individual activities are provided throughout the day as well as continuous STEM activities. Children are guided to develop independence, cooperation, respect, responsibility, confidence and a love of learning. New for the 2019-2020 school year the Kindergarten program will be implementing 10 weeks of cultural diversity lessons each semester along with a Language component into the curriculum. The children will be learning Chinese/Mandarin in the Fall and French in the Spring. These experiences will be taught by Dickinson College student interns in collaboration with Dickinson's language department.

Brittney Polinka

Infectious Disease Plan for Kindergarten 
Kindergarten Conitnuity of Education Plan

Weekly Lesson Plan 

Daily Schedule

7:35-8:55 Table Time Activities
 9:00-9:30  Snack/D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read) Time  9:00 Kindergarten Day Starts
 9:30-9:55  Morning Meeting
 10:00-10:30 Math (whole group and/or centers)
 10:30-11:00  Free Play/Clean Up
 11:00-11:20 Science/Social Studies/SEL learning
 11:20-11:25 Music and Movement Activity
11:25-12:00 Lunch
 12:00-12:10 Clean up/Bathroom
 12:10-12:55 Recess (inside or outside depending on weather) Water Break
 1:00-1:45 Work Stations (Guided reading groups, guided literacy, handwriting, word work, science, social studies, art, writing, etc)
 1:45-2:15 Writing Workshop (mini lesson, independent write and share)
2:15-2:30 LIteracy (Read aloud, mentor text, shared reading)
2:30-2:35  Wrap Up/Pack Up
2:30-3:30 Free Choice Center Time 3:00 End of Kindergarten Day
3:30-3:45 Snack for children who attend the extended day program
3:45-4:10 Bathroom and D.E.A.R time
4:10-5:30 Indoor or Outdoor Play (Depending on the weather and temperature)