Current and Upcoming

Due to COVID, DCCC is hosting family night's out, or contactless fundraisers during the 2020-2021 school year.  We thank you for participating in anyway you can!
Ongoing: Box Tops for Education, Giant A+ rewards program


For a "how to" on an updated way to collect Box Tops through their app and a  complete list of products with Box Tops on them please visit the link.
Collect them and put them in the bin inside the office.

Starting Sept. 28th DCCC will be hosting a Freckled Moose Ship2Home online store! Email Cheri Truman for more information on how to order and support DCCC!


2020-2021 Fundraisers

Fundraiser  Total Amount 
Panera Thursday, August 27th $265.77
Chipotle Tuesday, Sept. 15th $333.25
Box Tops $
Giant A+ Rewards $
Freckled Moose ship2home online store $913.60