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Current and Upcoming

DCCC plans to host fundraisers  involving all of our wonderful families during the 2022-2023 school year.  We thank you for participating in any way your family can. Remember, there is always the option to simply donate to the fundraising account, just ask!
Ongoing: Rite-Aid Wellness+rewards Program-link your Rite-Aid card to DCCC, or transfer your prescriptions. Weis4Schools is another on-going fundraiser that families can easily participate. Check out the fundraising bulletin board in the hallway for all up to date fundraising information.





2023-2024 Fundraisers

Fundraiser  Total Amount 
September: Freckled Moose $603
October: Kiss The Pig $191.58
               Chipotle Night Out $110.67
                Li'l Angels Photography $415
November: Turkey Trot $3,135
February: Pancake Breakfast/Silent Auction $6,291.96
March: Li'l Angels Photography Spring Pictures  
April/May: Original Works  
                  Panera Night Out April 5th