Dickinson College Children's Center has a limited number of spots available for children, therefore, a waiting list is maintained.  Please keep in mind that your placement can change due to priority and once the class birthdates are set for the following fall.  Priority is based on application date and code as follows:


CV-COVID waiting list

CE-DCCC employee's child
CF-Dickinson College employee or student's child with sibling currently enrolled at DCCC
DE-Dickinson College employee or student's child
F-Child with sibling currently enrolled at DCCC
G-Child whose parent is a Dickinson College alumnus/alumna
GP- Dickinson College employee's grandchild
RC-Community member who receives tuition assistance from CCIS(Child Care Information Services) 
P- Child was previously enrolled in DCCC
R-Community member's child

DCCC also accepts children who are subsidized through Childcare consultants or other agencies.

To find out more about the CCC program, contact:

Child Care Consultants, ELRC Region 10
29 North Duke St.

York, PA 17401



2021-2022 Waiting List 

  If you have any questions about the waiting list, please don't hesitate to contact Cheri at trumanc@dickinson.edu  or 717-245-1088.

 Please continue to the bottom of the page to access our wait list application and other documents. Thank you!

Please click to fill in and email, or print the waiting list application form from the link below.
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