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We are proud to announce that we are just starting to be a part of an important initiative called, SPEC (Supporting Positive Environments for Children).  This incredible initiative is an approach to creating a safe and productive learning environment where all teachers can teach and all students can learn.  We are confident our children will benefit from such a positive approach because it will increase student learning and decrease classroom disruptions. Check out their website.

Monthly Newsletter: Here is our newsletter May 2024: Newsletter

NAEYC for Families: Please check out this NAEYC website for families.

Family Resources: The following links are to websites that have different family resources listed.  Please visit CAIU if you are looking for information on the Capital Area Intermediate Unit or information for Early Intervention Services.  

The Pennsylvania Families Incorporated website, has many services listed.  These services include mental health, children and youth, education, physical health, etc.  Please click on both Dauphin and Cumberland, as both counties have different resources.  Thank you!

Infant Early Learning GPS (Guiding Parents Smoothly)

Click on the link below for an interactive way for you to think about what you can do to support your child's early learning process: Infant Early Learning GPS

PA Promise For Children: Check out their website for more information!

New Food Guide-My Plate