Student Health Insurance FAQs

What insurance company handles the Student Health Insurance plan for Dickinson College?  
United Healthcare is the insurance company's name. Go to Select "Dickinson College" and click on "Certificate of Coverage" to view your health insurance plan details.
How do I access my personal information through the health insurance portal?
Students must set up their online account by going to the "Portal". This is a secure website that will provide you with personalized benefits and health information.  
How do I get a health insurance ID card?
Use My Account Mobile to access your ID card right on your mobile device. As a 'Go Green' initiative, ID cards are available by request only. Access My Account to "Get an ID Card".
The plan summary mentions “Preferred Providers” and “Out-of-Network Providers” – what is the difference?
"Preferred Providers" are physicians, hospitals and other health care providers who contracted with United Healthcare. If you use a “Preferred Provider” you will maximize financial coverage for health services.
"Out-of-Network Providers" are physicians, hospitals or other care providers who don't have pre-arranged fee schedules. If you use an “Out-of-Network Provider” medical services will cost you more.
What does it mean to have a “co-pay”?
A co-pay is the amount you will be required to pay for a specific covered medical expense. 
If I want to better understand my Student Health Plan benefits whom should I contact?
You can contact Health Advocate at 1-866-695-8622 or Health Advocate services give you access to experts who can support you in handling a wide range of healthcare and insurance related issues, such as:
   - Explaining your benefit plan’s features and provisions. 
   - Assistance with insurance claims. 
   - Finding qualified physicians and hospitals. 
   - Scheduling appointments for you with a physician’s office.

How do I contact the health insurance administrator?
Our insurance administrator is RCM&D. You can contact our representative Tim Cummons via email at
If I need medical attention where should I go? 
If you do not need emergency medical attention you should initially contact the Dickinson College Wellness Center. Wellness Center staff will be able to determine if you need a medical specialist.
In the event of a medical emergency you should go to the nearest medical facility in your area. The Carlisle Medical Center has emergency services. The Where to go handout and the Wellness Center webpage are broader informational resources.
Does the Student Health Plan pay for prescription drugs?|
Yes – the plan pays for prescription drugs.  Please refer to the plan summary for the specific co-pays and limitations.
Can I go to any pharmacy?
Use the listing of in-network pharmacies to maximize coverage and lower your out-of-pocket cost. Access the list at to find a participating pharmacy.
Does the Student Health Plan pay for routine physicals?
Yes – the plan pays for one physical exam per year or your annual check-up. Please refer to the plan summary for detailed information.
Does the plan include any dental and vision benefits?
The Dickinson plan has very limited dental and vision coverage which completely ends when students turn 19 years old. The policy is designed to cover medical expenses and not dental and vision.