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International Students

Student Health Insurance FAQs

What insurance company handles the Student Health Insurance plan for Dickinson College?  
Aetna is the insurance company's name. For more information on coverage see:
How do I get a health insurance ID card?
Get your digital ID card:
What is my Student Health Medical Plan called?
Dickinson international students are on the Open Choice PPO plan. For details visit:
The plan summary mentions “Preferred Providers” and “Out-of-Network Providers” – what is the difference?
"Preferred Providers" are physicians, hospitals and other health care providers who contracted with United Healthcare. If you use a “Preferred Provider” you will maximize financial coverage for health services.
"Out-of-Network Providers" are physicians, hospitals or other care providers who don't have pre-arranged fee schedules. If you use an “Out-of-Network Provider” medical services will cost you more.
What does it mean to have a “co-pay”?
A co-pay is the amount you will be required to pay for a specific covered medical expense. 

How do I contact the health insurance administrator?
Our insurance administrator is RCM&D. Contact our representative Tim Cummons via email at
If I need medical attention where should I go? 
If you do not need emergency medical attention you should initially contact the Dickinson College Wellness Center. Wellness Center staff will be able to determine if you need a medical specialist.
In the event of a medical emergency you should go to the nearest medical facility in your area. The Carlisle Medical Center has emergency services. The Wellness Center webpage has a list of health related resources.
Does the Student Health Plan pay for prescription drugs?
Yes – the plan pays for prescription drugs. For complete information:
Can I go to any pharmacy?
Use the listing of in-network pharmacies to maximize coverage and lower your out-of-pocket cost. Search the online directory to find a participating pharmacy.
Does the plan include any dental and vision benefits?
Dickinson offers voluntary enrollment for dental and vision plans. For more information: