Dickinson places a high value on the impact of international students, scholars, and visitors on our campus and community as a whole. The international presence breathes a new life, energy, and perspective into Dickinson. The colleges strives to foster an environment that promotes meaningful encounters with difference and diversity.

60% of Dickinson students study abroad during their time at the college; for those students and for the students who remain on campus for the entirety of their four years, the impact of our international community at Dickinson is invaluable. Every year, new international students are admitted to the College, bringing with them a host of new experiences and their unique world view. Further enhancing the College’s international programming, each year exchange students come to Carlisle from our partner universities and institutions abroad, continuing our connections around the globe as we exchange students, both incoming international students and outbound study abroad students to these provincial areas.

During their time at Dickinson, our international population engages with the liberal arts and the interdisciplinary approach to learning, while being actively involved in the community and in the classroom.

We at the Center for Global Study and Engagement encourage your questions, ideas, and critical thinking and approaches to global issues that permeate all of our societies.

Our philosophy