What is the cooperative scholarship?
The cooperative scholarship is an agreement between Dickinson College and the U.S. Amy War College (USAWC) to provide educational benefits to adult dependents of International Fellows (IF). Qualified dependents may take one class each semester as nondegree students with no charge for tuition. Depending on the class, other fees may apply.

What kinds of courses are offered?
Dickinson College offers courses in liberal–arts studies, including arts and humanities, social sciences, and natural and mathematical sciences. Courses are challenging and require speaking in class and writing essays. Dickinson College does not offer casual courses or ESL (English as a second language) training.

What is expected of scholarship recipients?
USAWC IF are expected to participate actively in class, regardless of whether the course is being taken for credit or audit. If during the semester the IF can no longer attend class, the IF is expected to contact the Registrar’s Office to withdraw officially. To remain eligible for the scholarship for a second semester, the IF  must successfully complete the first semester course. IFs who do not attend classes regularly will not be invited to return. For credit courses, successful completion means receiving a grade of “C” or above.

Official and other important information from Dickinson College is generally communicated by email to the IF assigned email address and through the college’s online (Gateway) portal. It is the IF responsibility to check their Dickinson email and Gateway account daily.

USAWC IF are also expected to follow Dickinson community standards for academic and social conduct.

How do I apply?

  1. Select courses of interest using the online class schedule search (instructions are below).
  2. Complete and submit the application by the deadline: Aug. 1 for the fall semester 2019 and Jan. 6 for the spring semester 2020.
  3. Attend the required orientation on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 from 2:30-4:30pm. Location: Dickinson College, The Stern Center (208 W. Louther Street, Carlisle), Room 102

What do I need to know before applying for the scholarship?
First, it is important to understand that Dickinson is not a big college. There are fewer courses offered than at large universities, and classes are kept to a small size. Also, Dickinson College must offer seats to full-time students before part-time students. This helps to ensure that full-time students who are working toward a degree can graduate on time. Unfortunately, these limitations sometimes mean that the IF cannot register for their top choices. Your course preferences cannot be guaranteed.

Course descriptions and schedules are only available online.

To see course options:

  • Click on “Schedule of Classes” under the Class Information section.
  • Search by the appropriate term of study, and then click “submit.”
  • Choose the desired subject and click “Class Search” in the bottom left corner.
  • Click on the class title (link) to see if space is currently available, under the Registration Availability section in the “Seats”.
  • Click on “View Catalog Entry” for a course description.
  • Make a note of the class name, course and section number; instructor name; and the number of available seats.
  • We suggest searching for three courses that interest you and list them on a piece of paper. You do not need to submit this piece of paper to us.

Some courses may be offered at more than one class time. Click on the course title to see how many spaces are available for that specific class time. Click on “View Catalog Entry” to see the course descriptions with prerequisites (prior courses required). Longer descriptions are sometimes available on the web page for the academic department offering the course. The “Meeting Times” column lists the time of day at which the course is offered and then lists the days of the week on which the class is offered (M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F=Friday).

Consider the level of the course when making your choices. The 100 level courses are at an “introductory” or first-year level. The 200 level classes are more advanced, and 300 and 400 level classes are the most advanced. If a course requires a prerequisite class (previous coursework), an asterisk will indicate this requirement. If your previous work or study is relevant, you can ask the course instructor to consider your experience in place of prerequisites. Some courses are restricted to degree-seeking students and will not be available to visiting students. Read the descriptions carefully to decide if a course is a good match for your interests and experience.

Choose at least three courses that interest you and list them on a separate paper in order of your preference indicating the course name and number and the professor’s name. If your first choice becomes full or is otherwise unavailable, you should try to find a place in the alternate courses by your order of preference.

Why must I choose courses before I am accepted?
This shows you are informed about Dickinson College and our courses. It also demonstrates that you can use the internet to find information. Dickinson students must manage coursework by using the computer and online resources. Finally, it manages expectations for the likelihood you might not be placed in a course if a class is near capacity.

What happens after I submit an application?
After we process your application, you will be invited to a Dickinson College orientation, which you must attend. You will also be assigned a Dickinson ID number and email address, and then you will begin attending during the first week of class.

At the first class session, you must ask the professor to sign an “Drop/Add Form,” which will be given to you during orientation. You will only be officially enrolled in the class, when you submit the drop/add form properly filled out and signed, to our Registrar’s Office. Therefore, it is your responsibility to submit the form to the Registrar’s Office by 4 p.m. on the first Friday after the start of classes to be enrolled in the course. Be certain of your choice before you turn in the form, because changes will not be allowed (The Academic Calendar).

Will I have access to campus resources?
Yes, scholarship recipients will have access to the College library and computer rooms for coursework. However, as part-time, non-residential students, scholarship recipients will not have access to the campus fitness center.

What does the college offer if I do not participate in the scholarship program?
Any member of the community may apply to take courses without pursuing a degree as a “Continuing Education” student. Contact the Registrar’s Office at reg@dickinson.edu for information about tuition costs and application procedures.

If you are not interested in taking courses, the college offers lectures, art exhibits, and events throughout the year that are open to community members. Find event information on Dickinson's college website.