USAWC Scholarship Information

***Although DIckinson College has made the decision to be remote for the Fall 2020 semester, the USAWC Scholarship Program will continue. All classes are now offered remotely, but most of the procedures for applying to the program remain the same.***

What is the cooperative scholarship?
The cooperative scholarship is an agreement between Dickinson College and the U.S. Amy War College (USAWC) to provide educational benefits to adult dependents of International Fellows (IF). Qualified dependents may take one class each semester as nondegree students with no charge for tuition. Depending on the class, other fees may apply.

What kinds of courses are offered?
Dickinson College offers courses in liberal arts studies, including arts and humanities, social sciences, and natural and mathematical sciences. Courses are challenging and require speaking in class and writing essays. Dickinson College does not offer casual courses or ESL (English as a second language) training.

What is expected of scholarship recipients?
Scholarship recipients are expected to participate actively in class, regardless of whether the course is being taken for credit. If, during the semester, the student can no longer attend class, the student is expected to contact the Registrar’s Office to officially withdraw. To remain eligible for the scholarship for a second semester, the student must successfully complete the first semester course. Students who do not attend classes regularly will not be invited to return. For credit courses, successful completion means receiving a grade of “C” or above.

Official and other important information from the College are generally communicated by email to the student’s assigned email address and through the College’s online (Gateway) portal. It is the student’s responsibility to check his/her Dickinson email and Gateway account daily.

Scholarship recipients are also expected to follow Dickinson community standards for academic and social conduct.

How do I apply?

  1. Complete and submit the APPLICATION by the deadline: July 31, 2020, for the fall semester 2020.
  2. Attend the required virtual orientation on Friday, August 7, 2020 from 1:00-2:15pm. A ZOOM link will be sent directly to participants.

What do I need to know before applying for the scholarship?
First, it is important to understand that Dickinson is not a big college. There are fewer courses offered than at large universities, and classes are kept to a small size. Also, Dickinson College must offer seats to full-time students before part-time students. This helps to ensure that full-time students who are working toward a degree can graduate on time. Unfortunately, these limitations sometimes mean that the IF cannot register for their top choice. Your course preferences cannot be guaranteed.

What happens after I submit an application?
After we process your application, you will be invited to a Dickinson College orientation, which you must attend. You will also be assigned a Dickinson ID number and email address, and then you will begin attending during the first week of class. All details of the scholarship program will be covered during orientation.

What does the college offer if I do not participate in the scholarship program?
Any member of the community may apply to take courses without pursuing a degree as a “Continuing Education” student. Contact the Registrar’s Office at for information about tuition costs and application procedures.

If you are not interested in taking courses, the college offers lectures, art exhibits, and events throughout the year that are open to community members. Find event information on Dickinson's college website.