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Contact a Global Ambassador

Global Ambassadors are returning study abroad students and recent alums who serve as peer advisors for their program. In addition to sharing about their program, some global ambassadors have also volunteered to discuss aspects of their identities with students who might have questions about navigating study abroad with these identities. They are here to answer your questions, so don't hesitate to reach out to them!

2023-2024 Global Ambassadors

Chris Althouse ‘24 

Chris Althouse


Program: Dickinson in Italy: Italian Studies  

Major: Italian Studies Minor: History 

Identities I can speak to students about: First-Generation College Student, LGBTQIA+ 


About me: Chris Althouse is originally from right outside of Philadelphia. He decided to study abroad for the 2022-2023 academic year with the expectation of having no struggles with adapting to living in a new country with a different culture from what he was previously used to. Once he arrived, he learned critical skills of how to overcome the struggles that popped up while he was living abroad and eventually fell so in love with being there that he enrolled in a third semester abroad. Being abroad has reshaped the vision he had of himself and his future and has opened numerous doors in his life post-graduation! One of his favorite memories from being abroad was travelling to Milan with his friends during the holidays. 


Leah Brady ‘24 

Leah Brady


Programs: Dickinson in England & Argentina Globally Integrated Semester: Argentine Adventures through Contemporary Literature, Spring 2022 

Major: Anthropology Minor: Spanish 


About me: Leah Brady had the opportunity to participate in two study abroad programs. She traveled to Mendoza, Argentina for a 3-week Globally Integrated Semester (GIS) program after the Spring 2022 semester. This amazing experience further cemented her decision to commit to a full semester of study abroad! Leah chose the Dickinson in England program in Norwich for the full Spring 2023 semester. Leah loved the university’s campus experiences, including the diversity in class modules, and she participated in the Literature Society (Book Club). Leah became much more confident in the logistics of traveling, as her favorite memories came from the class excursions to other cities and towns in England and Scotland, and her own personal travel during our spring break.   


Margaret Bragdon ‘24 



Program: Dickinson in Spain 

Major: International Relations & Spanish 

Identities I can speak to students about: Women Abroad 


About me: Margaret studied abroad in Málaga, Spain during the Spring of 2023. She says studying abroad in Málaga was such an enriching experience for her, and it honestly changed her life. As one of the only programs with a homestay, she was able to fully immerse herself in Spanish language and culture from day 1. Living with a host mom was an amazing opportunity both to practice her Spanish and to understand the environment that she would be living in for the next four months. For the first four weeks, each student in the program enrolled a language/grammar course for four hours each day. Although it may seem daunting, Margaret believes the language intensive was super helpful and profoundly developed her linguistic abilities. The professors were always engaging and willing to answer any questions, no matter how small. After the intensive was over, she enrolled in four courses, three at the International Center and one at the University of Málaga. Having the opportunity to meet students her age was amazing and she made countless new friends both in and out of the classroom. One of Margaret’s favorite parts of studying abroad was being able to travel to other parts of Spain with the program. They visited all over Spain, learning about the history and culture of the country. Margaret was even able to visit Portugal for a day during one of the excursions! She was also able to take classes that counted towards both majors, which was a huge plus. She cannot recommend this program enough to students who are looking for a total immersion study abroad experience. 


Meg Cravinho ‘25 

Meg Cravinho


Program: Argentina Globally Integrated Semester: Argentine Adventures through Contemporary Literature, Spring 2022 

Majors: Biochemistry & Microbiology and Spanish & Portuguese Studies 

Identities I can speak to students about: LGBTQIA+ 


About me: Meg is part of Dickinson College’s Class of 2025 from Old Lyme, Connecticut. She majors in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Spanish & Portuguese Studies. During the summer of 2022, Meg studied abroad at the National University of Cuyo in Mendoza, Argentina where she worked on improving her language skills and learned about Argentinian culture. Meg lived with a host family which improved her immersion into Argentinian culture as well. Throughout Meg’s experience in Argentina, she most enjoyed hiking in the Andes, trying local cuisine, improving her Spanish-speaking skills, living with her host family, and meeting new people along the way. The planned excursions to the hot springs, Lavalle, bodegas, and historical monuments were also highlights of Meg’s experience. She encourages anyone interested in improving their Spanish language skills and learning about Mendoza to consider the Dickinson in Ecuador and Argentina program. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 


Vanessa Daniels ‘24 

Vanessa Daniels


Programs: Dickinson in England & Dickinson in New Zealand 

Major: Biology Minor: Pre-health 

Identities I can speak to students about: First-Generation College Student, Women Abroad 


About me: Vanessa is a senior biology major who spent last year studying abroad in both Norwich, England and Dunedin, New Zealand. During this time, she was able to meet students from her hosting countries through flatting and clubs, including women’s hockey at UEA. As a biology major, time abroad was a great way to take classes outside of the range offered at Dickinson along with experiential learning through travel. Some fond memories of her time abroad include road trips with other Dickinson in NZ students and holiday dinners in Norwich with the program directors. Despite not having any particular interest in studying abroad as a prospective student, Dickinson’s unique ways of offering opportunities abroad encouraged the possibility of studying at two different locations. Vanessa’s time abroad is one of the most impactful pieces of her Dickinson experience, with benefits that continue to be felt even after returning to Carlisle. 


Grace Donovan ‘24 

Grace Donovan


Program: Dickinson in Spain 

Major: English Minor: Spanish 


About me: Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Grace studied in Màlaga, Spain in the spring of 2023. She was able to improve her Spanish speaking skills by living with a host family and attending classes at University of Màlaga. Grace loved learning about Spanish culture and history, the opportunity to travel to places like Barcelona and Madrid, and getting to know the fun city of Màlaga! She is so grateful for the opportunity to study abroad in Màlaga and would encourage anyone interested in studying Spanish to look into Dickinson in Spain. 


Virginia Enney ‘24 



Program: DIS Copenhagen 

Major: International Studies Minor: WGSS and Economics  

Identities I can speak to students about: Women Abroad


About me: Virginia (she/her), class of 2024, is an International Studies major with Economics and WGSS minors. She studied the 2022-23 school year at DIS Copenhagen. She was immersed in this cosmopolitan city through her classes, living in student housing with Danish students, local social clubs, volunteering, and enjoying the city’s fantastic museums, cafes, and music scene. While abroad she made lifelong friends with Danish and other European students through her participation in a student orchestra, celebrated a Danish Christmas, volunteered at local shelters, and got to travel Europe through class trips and independently. Through DIS connections she met activists and experts throughout Europe, enriching her education and finding new academic and professional interests. Living in a different country was a new experience for me. While living abroad was initially intimidating, she found an international community of amazing people who challenged her to grow and change. 


Jake Giotto ‘23 

Jake Giotto


Program: DIS Copenhagen  

Major: English Minor: Political Science 

Identities I can speak to students about: Student-Athlete 


About me: Jake Giotto ‘23 studied abroad with DIS, a Dickinson College partner program in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the Fall of 2022. While living in a Kollegium, Jake built personal relationships with other students studying in Copenhagen from all over Europe including Spain, Denmark, and Germany. Jake most enjoyed the curriculum of DIS because of their unique approach by using part-time instructors who are also professionals in the subjects they teach, the weeklong study tours in a unique European city, and the overall efficiency of DIS.  


Lilian Gittines ‘24 

Lili Gittines


Program: DIS Copenhagen  

Major: Educational Studies Minor: American Studies 

Identities I can speak to students about: Student with Disabilities, LGBTQIA+, Women Abroad  


About me: Lili Gittines is a senior, Educational Studies major and American Studies minor from Southbury, Connecticut. Lili studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark during the Fall 2022 semester, as well as completed an internship in Leipzig, Germany during the summer of 2023. Coming to Dickinson, she knew that she wanted to study abroad and found her experiences abroad to be rewarding and fulfilling. In Denmark, Lili studied Child Development and Diversity, having the opportunity to complete a Practicum working as an English Teaching Assistant in a Danish Elementary school. Lili’s favorite experience in Denmark was the weeklong study tour her core course took to Helsinki, Finland where she was able to hike in the Finnish wilderness and learn about the highest-ranked education system in the world! Lili is passionate about sharing her love of travel with others and would love to discuss going abroad with anyone who reaches out. 


Emma Glosson '24 

Emma Glosson


Program: Dickinson in England 

Major: Anthropology Minor: Psychology  


About Me: At Dickinson, Emma is a member of the softball team and works as a sports medicine student assistant in the athletic training room. In the fall of 2022, she studied abroad in Norwich, England where she lived in a flat with seven other British students. Initially, Emma was very nervous about going abroad and ended up applying the last day before the deadline. It ended up being the best decision she could have made, and now attributes a lot of her growth as a person to her experiences abroad. Some of Emma’s favorite memories abroad were learning to surf in Cornwall, England, visiting Stonehenge and going punting along the River Cam in Cambridge. 


Jillian Graff ‘24 

Jillian Graff


Program: DIS Copenhagen 

Major: Environmental Science Minor: Anthropology 

Identities: Women Abroad, Student-Athlete 


About me: Jill Graff studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark in the spring of 2023 with Dickinson’s partner program DIS. While abroad she took many environmental science courses that applied to her major at Dickinson such as Arctic Glaciology and Waste Management Systems in Europe. In Copenhagen, Jill lived in a kollegium with both DIS and Danish students which allowed her to quickly develop friendships and make lifelong friends. DIS provides so many opportunities to immerse oneself in the Danish culture through weekly class trips around Denmark and Danish 101. Jill was also able to take a class trip to Greenland for a week to further her study in environmental science which was a highlight of her semester. Outside of the classroom, she enjoyed walking and biking all over the city, winter bathing, and playing soccer with her fellow Danish residents. If you’re thinking about going to Copenhagen or studying abroad in general, Jill would be more than happy to talk! 


Myra Hasan ‘24 

Myra Hasan


Program: Dickinson in England  

Major: Computer Science 

Identities I can speak to students about: Student of Color, International Student  


About me: Myra went into her study abroad experience not really knowing what to expect or even how long she wanted to study abroad. She applied to Norwich for the full year having the option in the back of her mind that she could switch to being there for one semester if she felt she wasn’t settled there. However, Myra knew within her first month there that there was no question she wanted to be there for the full year. Studying abroad was such a rewarding experience in self-exploration and experiencing things she never thought she would. It became home after a year. 


Jade Heenehan ‘24 

Jade Hennehan


Program: Dickinson in New Zealand  

Major: Environmental Science Minor: Studio Art 

Identities I can speak to students about: Student of Color (Asian American)  


About me:  Jade Heenehan ‘24 studies Environmental Science and has a minor in Studio Art. During the spring semester of 2023, she studied abroad with Dickinson in Dunedin, New Zealand at the University of Otago. During the five months spent there, Jade lived in a flat with four other students, most of which were also international students. Her flat housed a Kiwi Host, other American and international students. During Jade’s time there, she studied Marine Science and Māori culture papers while enrolled in the university. She enjoyed road tripping around New Zealand and getting to know a lot of other people from different countries and cultures while being abroad. 


Meredith Hetrick ‘24 

Meredith Hetrick


Programs: Dickinson in England & Dickinson in New Zealand  

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Minor: French and Francophone Studies 

Identities I can speak to students about: Women Abroad


About me: Meredith Hetrick ‘24 is from Cape Elizabeth, Maine. She is majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and pursuing a minor in French and Francophone Studies. She knew that studying abroad would be a big part of her Dickinson experience, but she had no clue where she wanted to go! This past year, she had the opportunity to study at both the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England, and the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. At these universities, she was able to participate in many activities, both in and outside the classroom, such as chemical drug development, glow worm sightings, running clubs, hiking, yoga, and lots of exploring. She made many lifelong friends and loved the opportunity to take classes such as the Biology of Aging, Biophysical Chemistry, Microbiology, and Genomes. She is extremely passionate about her year abroad and seeks to help interested students find the program that best suits them and their interests. One of her favorite memories from her year abroad is her four-day solo trip around the South Island of New Zealand, where she went to museums, dipped in the Tasman Sea and hiked to the center of New Zealand. 


Michelle Hom ‘24 

Michelle Hom


Program: Dickinson in New Zealand 

Major: Environmental Science, Food Studies Certificate 

Identities I can speak to students about: Student of Color, Student with Disabilities, Women Abroad 


About me: Michelle Hom ‘24 is a senior studying Environmental Science with a Food Studies Certificate. In the spring of 2023, she studied abroad at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. She got to take a variety of classes including Marine Science Ecology and Ecosystems, Agriculture Production and Food Security, Ecotourism and Sustainable Development and lastly Māori Society. In her spare time, she enjoyed hiking and visiting New Zealand's popular nature sites including Aoraki/Mount Cook and Hobbiton from the Lord of the Rings. She also enjoyed eating at a variety of restaurants and cafes in downtown Dunedin. If you have any questions about the New Zealand study abroad program, feel free to reach out to her via email.  


Maddy Hull ‘24 

Maddy Hull


Programs: Dickinson in Spain and Dickinson in Ecuador and Argentina  

Majors: Anthropology & Spanish 

Identities I can speak to students about: First-generation College Student, LGBTQIA+, High Financial Need  


About me: Maddy studied abroad for the 2022-23 school year split between Spain, Ecuador, and Argentina. She is a first-generation college student with a double major in anthropology and Spanish. While abroad, Maddy spent her free time reading, going to museums, swimming, and making new friends at language exchanges and other social events. If you're a double major or a minor in Spanish and you're worried about keeping up with your other major while abroad, reach out to Maddy! She’d love to talk about how she was able to stay involved in anthropology while she was away. 


Payton Hull ‘24 

Payton Hull


Program: Dickinson in Spain  

Majors: Spanish and Portuguese Studies & English Minor: Earth Science  

Identities I can speak to students about: First-Generation College Student, High Financial Need, LGBTQIA+  


About me: Payton, a double major in English and Spanish with a minor in Earth Science, studied abroad in Málaga, Spain during the summer as well as the duration of her junior year. While she loves to travel, Payton also made it a priority to be involved in the events and community in Málaga. She took classes at the University of Málaga and worked with Dickinson professors over zoom to make sure she could still get the credits she needed while being abroad for so long. Studying abroad was an invaluable experience for Payton, both personally and for her ability to speak Spanish. She can't recommend it enough! 


Cole Jennings ‘24 

Cole Jennings


Program: Dickinson in Italy: European Studies 

Majors: Data Analytics & Quantitative Economics  

Identities I can speak to students about: Student-Athlete   


About me: Cole is a Quantitative Economics and Data Analytics double major. In addition to serving as an admissions fellow, he is the President of the Consulting Club, a member of the economics majors committee, and plays for the Varsity Men's Soccer Team. In the Spring of 2023, he had the privilege of studying abroad in Bologna, Italy. During his time abroad, he was fortunate enough to travel throughout Italy as well as other European countries. He took a course at the University of Bologna and enjoyed learning elementary Italian at the Dickinson Center. He spent much of his free time in Bologna playing pick-up soccer, learning to cook for himself, as well as trying different restaurants. 


Tatum Jones ‘24 

Tatum Jones


Program: Dickinson in France 

Majors: International Business and Management & French and Francophone Studies  

Identities I can speak to students about: I can help students with high-anxiety that are prone to anxiety/panic attacks


About me: Tatum is a senior in the class of 2024 and spent the 2022-2023 Academic Year studying abroad in Toulouse, France. Originally from Charlottesville, Virginia, Tatum is currently majoring in both INBM and French and Francophone Studies. When Tatum had the opportunity to live in the Romance Language House during her sophomore year at Dickinson, she formed amazing friendships with French exchange students. Based on these new friendships, she decided to resume her French studies and study abroad in Toulouse to experience their culture and language more closely. As the Toulouse program is a language immersion program, Tatum knew that there would be some challenges with the language barrier, but please don’t let this stop you! It is so worth it to struggle some days and see the enormous payoff later, and there is absolutely nothing like being in a different country and learning to speak their language. Through Tatum’s time in France, she attended a French University and interned as a marketing intern at a boutique in Toulouse. She also spent countless hours strolling the stone streets, discovering amazing food, cafés, parks, and admiring La Ville Rose. Tatum is here and excited to help anyone and everyone with their study abroad questions or concerns regarding Toulouse! 


Daniel Levine ‘24 

Dan Levine


Program: Dickinson at Oxford 

Majors: Law and Policy & History 

Identities I can speak to students about: LGBTQ+, Language-Based Learning Differences


About me: Dan Levine is from Millburn, New Jersey, and he had the opportunity to study abroad at Mansfield College at the University of Oxford through the Oxford program at Dickinson. At Dickinson, Dan is a double major in Law & Policy and History, and while at Oxford he studied Politics. While abroad he played on Oxford’s lacrosse team and traveled all-around England and Europe. 


Evelyn Mace ‘24 

Evelyn Mace


Program: Dickinson at Oxford 

Major: English Minor: Creative Writing  

Identities I can speak to students about: LGBTQ+ (Queer), Women Abroad 


About me: Evelyn Mace is a senior English major and Creative Writing minor from Kutztown, Pennsylvania. As a junior, she studied abroad at Mansfield College at the University of Oxford for the academic year. At Oxford, she took English classes focusing on Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Shakespeare, and fairytales. She’d been to England before, and hoped to study abroad, but wasn’t sure it was feasible for an entire year. While in Oxford, she joined the Mansfield College Music Society as a member of the choir, with whom she travelled to Florence after the final term to sing in both Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce. She loved the Oxford libraries, cafes, and winding wandering walkability of the town—equally as enjoyable for a bike ride as a stroll. She used her time off from classes to travel, visiting Wales, Greece, Scotland, and Portugal throughout the year, but was committed to finding a community at Oxford during term-time, both with international and British students. One of her favorite experiences in her time abroad was visiting her tutor every week to study on a narrow boat docked in the river Thames.  


Leslie Mazzeno ‘24 

Leslie Mazzeno


Program: Akita International University (Japan) 

Major: History & Religious Studies Minor: Japanese Language 

Identities I can speak to students about: LGBTQIA+, Student with Disabilities, Third culture individual (TCI) 


About me: Leslie Mazzeno (she/her/he/him) is a senior at Dickinson majoring in History and Religious Studies and minoring in Japanese. She studied abroad at Akita International University in Akita, Japan during the Spring 2023 semester to concentrate on her Japanese language skills and immerse herself in Japanese culture. She grew up in a military family, where she gained extensive experience living and studying abroad. She lived in Japan from 2014 to 2017, and returning to study abroad in college was a long-time goal of hers. AIU allowed her to experience education and student life from an entirely different perspective, and her global education opportunities have helped her learn and grow as a Dickinsonian and a global citizen. 


Katie Nemergut ‘23 

Katie Nemergut


Program: Dickinson in Italy: European Studies  

Major: Environmental Studies Minor: Political Science 

Identities I can speak to students about: Student with an accommodation, LGBTQ+ (Queer) 


About me: Katie Nemergut studied abroad in Bologna, Italy for the 2022-23 school year in addition to participating in a legal fellowship in Genova, Italy for the summer of 2023. Due to rehabilitating ACL surgery, Katie was unsure if moving abroad to Bologna was possible until the month of departure. However, after spending a year abroad, she fell in love with traveling and the city of Bologna. She traveled to nine different countries and sixteen regions of Italy! While living in Bologna and Genova, Katie enjoyed the local cuisine of each place such as tortellini alla panna (meat tortellini with a parmigiano reggiano and cream sauce) and gnocchi al pesto! The study abroad program in Bologna, Italy focuses on international relations, business, and Italian art and culture, however, you can make this program work no matter your major. While abroad, Katie took classes at both the Dickinson College Center and Universitá di Bologna. As an environmental major with a focus on political science, she concentrated on international environmental politics, European Union and MENA relationships, especially, regarding climate change and migration, as well as Italian linguistic classes. Students and faculty develop close-knit relations and are more than providing support when needed. There are also optional cultural immersion opportunities including host-family dinners, babysitting, and volunteering in the local high school. Katie had the opportunity to volunteer at a dinner to support men who immigrated from Algeria transition into Bologna with students from the Johns Hopkins SAIS program. The Dickinson program also takes each program in Bologna on two excursions per semester to cities that are hard to access via public transportation. Katie’s favorite excursion with Dickinson was when they visited Lago di Garda and got to swim in the lake as well as hike the top of Monte Baldo. She cannot recommend this program enough for anyone who is considering studying and living the Italian dream! 


Vasilisa Pallis ‘24 

Lisa Pallis


Program: Dickinson in Germany 

Majors: German and Russian  


About me:  Vasilisa Pallis is originally from Odessa, Ukraine and currently lives in Vernon, NJ. She is double majoring in German and Russian. Since she was little, she knew she wanted to study abroad, travelling for her is important and enlightening. At Dickinson she had the wonderful opportunity to study abroad for a full year in Bremen, Germany. For her it was an incredible opportunity to not only learn so much German but also live in a different country for almost a year. She learned so much about the culture and traditions as well as met so many incredible people.  


Asher Reede ‘24 

Asher Reede


Program: Dickinson in Germany 

Major: Math Minors: German and Physics  


About me: Asher studied abroad in Bremen, Germany in spring of 2023. He is a German minor and decided to go to Germany to improve my German. Asher knew he wanted to study abroad when coming to Dickinson but did not know where and his professors and advisors helped him with the process of deciding to go to Bremen. He was there from the beginning of February to the end of July. In the program he took 2 months of intensive German courses and then he spent the rest of the time studying at the University of Bremen. The program also had excursions to Vienna and to Berlin. Those were the most fun, being able to see plays and museums in beautiful cities. He was also able to visit neighboring countries and towns in Europe and see the sights. Overall, the experience was a fun one and he really enjoyed Bremen!


Jezzelle Jules Repalbor ‘24



Program: Dickinson at Oxford

Major: English

Identities I can speak to students about: Asian American, English as a Second Language


About me: Jezzelle spent a year abroad studying at the University of Oxford. Born in the Philippines, Jezzelle moved to the United States at nine years old. She is currently a senior at Dickinson College studying English. At Oxford, Jezzelle studied Literature in English from 1830-1910 and 1910-present, focusing on the interactions between the history of the period, its politics and its literature. Her most memorable tutorial was on Literature and Politics in Early Modern England, where she studied Philip Sydney, Shakespeare, and John Milton alongside matriculated students – analyzing and discussing the impact of literature on the political discourse of the period. She was also able to focus her tutorials on War Literature and Diplomatic History for the Michaelmas and Trinity terms during her year abroad. Outside of her tutorials, Jezzelle spent time reading at the Bodleian Library and chatting with friends in coffee shops. When the weather complied, she most enjoyed a picnic at the University Park and traveling to London for the day, exploring attractions and trying new foods.


Thomas Sniezek ‘24 



Program: Dickinson in Italy: European Studies 

Majors: Quantitative Economics & Data Analytics  

Identities I can speak to students about: Student-Athlete 


About Me: At Dickinson, Thomas is on the Men’s Varsity Soccer team and holds executive positions in the Marketing Club, Consulting Club and the Order of the Scroll and Key. In Spring of 2023, Thomas studied abroad in Bologna, Italy and says it was one of the best decisions he has made. He got to take classes both at the University of Bologna as well as the Dickinson Center. Multiple times a week, Thomas would bike over to the soccer fields with his roommates and play pickup soccer with locals. He says it helped him better understand the culture, learn the language and stay in shape while abroad.  


Fiona Tierney ‘24 

Fiona Tierney


Programs: DIS Copenhagen & Dickinson in New Zealand  

Majors: Educational Studies & Sociology 


About me: Fiona is a senior from western Massachusetts studying sociology and education. This past year, in the fall she studied in Copenhagen Denmark with DIS and the spring semester at the University of Otago in Dunedin New Zealand. Fiona describes both experiences as completely different but equally fulfilling as she traveled from mountain peaks to Roman ruins. She took engaging classes outside her major including “Strategies for Urban Livability” “Positive Psychology” “Māori Society” and “Human Nutrition”. During her time in Denmark, she was able to fully immerse herself in Danish Culture, explore the country with her visiting host family, and travel to London, Portugal, Spain, Swedin and Italy. In New Zealand, Fiona joined the University Tramping club and hiked the spectacular South Island peaks. One of her highlights was connecting with people from around the world and learning about their individual experiences and ways of life. Fiona is happy to answer any questions about both programs! 

Jade Uilkema ‘24 



Program: Dickinson in Japan 

Major: International studies Minor: Japanese,  

Identities I can speak to students about: LGBTQIA+ (Queer), Student with Disabilities (ADD) 


About me: Currently, Jade is a rising senior who spent her junior year studying abroad in Nagoya, Japan. Since a young age, she has always had a deep passion for discovering and exploring the world around her. While in Japan, she studied at Nanzan University and took the Japanese intensive course for two semesters. One of her life-long goals is to become fluent and although she is far from perfect in Japanese, She now can have everyday conversations and communicate well with others. She has always had a deep interest in language and, through her exchange, she was able to explore more about the connection between culture and language and how it influences the way people think. In Japan, even though the language program was quite difficult, she had time to explore the different aspects of Japanese culture that she was interested in. Clubs are really important to Japanese students, so she joined her school's Shorinji-Kempo martial arts club and made many Japanese friends. Since Japan has excellent and affordable public transportation, I could often go traveling, find delicious restaurants and cafes, and visit temples and shrines easily. I have a personal interest in pottery and Nagoya is near some of the most famous pottery cities in Japan, so through classes, I was able to learn more about Japanese pottery. I am also passionate about volunteer work and was given the opportunity to participate in local shrine festivals and help out at traditional Japanese art-making conventions as a translator for Japanese and English. 


Maia Vachon ‘24 

Maia Vachon


Program: Dickinson in England 

Major: Data Analytics  Minor: Sociology Certificate: Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

Identities I can speak to students about: Women Abroad, LGBTQIA+ 


About me: Maia Vachon is a senior Data Analytics major and Sociology minor from Boston, Massachusetts. She studied abroad in Norwich, England during the fall semester of 2022 where she lived in a flat with British students, took classes at the University of East Anglia, and traveled around Europe to cities including Budapest, Copenhagen, and Edinburgh. She attributes much of her personal growth as a student, woman, and individual to her experiences abroad. At Dickinson, she is the current Chapter President of Pi Beta Phi, a sorority on campus, and has played the violin in Dickinson’s music programs since her first year. Please feel free to reach out to her with any questions regarding traveling while studying abroad, making new friends, joining clubs at a new university, or adjusting to a new environment! 


Meg Yoder ‘24 

Meg Yoder


Program: Dickinson in England  

Major: History focusing on social justice and human rights 

Identities I can speak to students about:  Women Abroad, Student with Disabilities (ADHD)


About me: Meg had the wonderful experience of studying abroad in Norwich, England. In Norwich, she lived on campus at the University of East Anglia where she shared a lovely flat with other students that attend the university.  She took a human rights class, America in the World, and Victorian Britain. Meg says that her professors were caring and kind, she was able to form personal connections with them. While Meg was studying there, she joined a club called Korfball, going to the secondhand shops which over there are called ‘charity shops’, and took advantage of the public transportation system. UEA has so many different clubs you can join and it’s also a huge campus with lots of trails and woodlands to explore. Meg also traveled to Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, France and different parts of England and can share her experience with that as in some of those instances she traveled alone.