Maintaining F-1 Status

  1. Bring all of your immigration documents to International Student Orientation. Copies will be made for your permanent file.

  2. Complete your degree program by the expected completion date/graduation date stated under the intem "Program of Study" of your I-20 form.
  3. Complete a minimum of 3 credits each semester.  Keep in mind that you need to take an average of 4 credits per semester to graduate on time.
  4. You must report any of the following changes within 10 days:
    • Change of physical address
    • Change of HUB Box, phone number, or email
    • Change of legal name or citizenship
    • Change in major
  5. Notify us as soon as possible if you will complete your studies before the expected completion date on your I-20 form.
  6. Do NOT work on-campus more than 20 hours per week while school is in session.  Do NOT work off-campus without authorization.
  7. Make sure you obtain a travel signature on your I-20 before you travel outside of the US. Remember to bring all other required documentation with you on your trip.
  8. If you plan to transfer to another school, you must notify us before the start of classes for the next term or within your 60-day grace period.
  9. If you wish to work under Optional Practical Training (OPT) upon completing your studies, you must meet with us with your completed application about 3 months before you complete your studies.
  10. If you plan to stop your studies for any reason, you must meet with us BEFORE stopping or withdrawing from classes.
  11. Do NOT let your passport expire!  If your visa expires while you are in the US, it should not be a problem as long as your I-20 remains valid.
  • Please, note that in order to re-enter the US you are required to present a valid F-1 visa.

Contact us with any questions!