How to Print the I-94

Each time you enter the United States, your entry will be recorded electronically. The record includes your name, date of birth, passport country and number, visa type, and date of entry. This information was previously recorded by paper. There are a number of reasons you might still need paper documentation of your arrival record, so we encourage you to print your I-94 each time you come into the country. Keep the printouts in your personal files. Go to and select "Get Most Recent I-94".

  • Enter your personal information (as it appears in your Visa) into the fields on the online form.
  • When your arrival information is retrieved, check to ensure it is correct then print it. 
  • If your information cannot be retrieved, you should experiment with adding spaces between letters or taking away spaces if needed.

If you have a First and Middle name, include them both on the first name line with a space. For example:

  • Family Name: Smith
  • First Name: Claire
  • Middle Name: Anne

You can enter this into the form as:

  • Last Name: Smith
  • First Name: Claire Anne
  • If this does not work, try it without the space, as “ClaireAnne.”

If you have both letters and numbers in a passport number, try first with no spaces. For example:

  • Passport Number: LA497327
  • If that does not work, try it as “LA 497327.”

If you continue to have problems accessing your I-94 record, contact us.