Dr. Steven Haase, Shippensburg University, Psychology

Psychology of Sustainability

Psychology of Sustainability (PSY 350) is a new course that I taught for the first time in the Spring semester of 2018. After attending the V&R Workshop, I will incorporate activities and information learned from the workshop into these courses when they are next taught in the Spring of 2019. Specifically, I will have the students engage in a community-based research project in partnership with a local organization (e.g., SPO—Shippensburg Produce and Outreach). In addition, students will engage with in-class activities that will help them expand their views of sustainability beyond the common understanding of protecting the environment. Specifically, they will participate in in-class activities designed to familiarize themselves with the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (2015).

One assignment that I will keep from Spring, 2018 and modify based on the workshop is the experiential learning journal. In addition to the original components of the assignment (e.g., reflect on/observe aspects of sustainability that you see outside of the classroom (observations, media stories, etc.)), I will require that they compose entries that are directly related to the research/service project. The specific tasks for the students in the service learning project may include assessing the needs of SPO to see if there are additional services that could help their clients (those who are in need of fresh produce, but cannot afford to purchase them). In addition, some clients may be interested in growing their own produce. The class could work with the campus and community to identify possible small plots of land that could be used for this purpose. The Shippensburg University currently has a small farm and also a separate smaller plot for community gardening.