Dr. Mark Heuer, Management (Susquehanna)

Business Social Responsibility

My objective in attending the “Sustainability Across the Curriculum” conference was to develop the Business Social Responsibility course I teach at Susquehanna University from a 7 week to a 14 week course.  As a result of attending the conference, I developed a model for the course which integrated sustainability into each topic.  In essence, the major topics of the course:  corporate governance, markets and government regulation, globalization, the natural environment, and ethical decision making, will be integrated through the lens of sustainable values education.  The course model will involve a series of concentric circles emanating from sustainable values education to progressively broader grained topics. 

As the topics become more general, I will link global and local issues together for each topic.  Where the local topics are discussed, a local field trip is identified wherever possible.  The objective is for students to think concretely about sustainable values through experiential approaches and then to link these values to larger global issues so that they can relate these more abstract issues to their own lives in preparation as managers.