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Document Downloads - Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM)

The following documents are available for download. Documents in PDF format can be read using Adobe Reader.

MS Word and Powerpoint documents can be read by using their respective applications or any alternatives.

Available downloads

Allarm 2012 Newsletter

Allarm 2012 Newsletter

Butler Shale Gas Workshop

Stream of Consciousness 2015

Water Facts February 2016

Watershed Coordinator Fall 2016 Application

Water Facts April 2016

Landowner Permission - Shale Gas

Shale Gas Manual 3.1

QA/QC Form 2016

Shale Gas Field Data Log

Pennsylvania Accredited Labs

PA Decision Trees 2016

LaMotte Tracer PockeTracer Directions 2016

Shale Gas Workshop Presentation 2016

Monitoring Best Practices

Shale Gas Manual

September 2016 Water Facts

Biological Monitoring Manual

Chemical Monitoring Manual

Data Interpretation Manual

Study Design Manual

Visual Assessment Manual

Shale Gas QA/QC Form pH

Shale Gas Workshop Presentation 10/16

October 2016 Water Facts

Bedi Trip Greene County

Trip with Prof. Bedi

Audubon Workshop


November 2016 Water Facts

CMC Prioritization Workshop

Shale Gas Manual 3.3

Biological Monitoring Manual 2017

Chemical Monitoring Manual 2017

Data Interpretation Manual 2017

Study Design Manual 2017

Visual Monitoring Manual 2017

Shale Gas QA/QC Form 2017

Shale Gas QA/QC Form pH 2017

Shale Gas QA/QC Form pH 2017

Shale Gas LaMotte Meter Directions 2017

Shale Gas Monitoring Best Practices

Shale Gas LaMotte Meter Troubleshooting Tips

Shale Gas Manual 3.3

Adopt a Storm Drain Volunteer Information

Winter 2016 Water Facts

Spring 2017 Water Facts

Adopt a Storm Drain Program Info

Shale Gas Visual Observation Checklist

Chemical and Stage Monitoring Data Sheet

Shale Gas Extraction: A Study Design and Protocol for Volunteer Monitoring

PA Accredited Labs

Gage Stick Instructions

LaMotte Tracer PockeTester Instructions

Stream Team Manual

COVID-19 Monitoring Guidelines

Do-It-Yourself Sampling Pole

ALLARM Hiring 2021-2022

Volunteer Agreement Forms

Study Design Worksheets

Stream of Consciousness 2020

Stream of Consciousness 2021

ALLARM's 2019 Annual Report

ALLARM Application 2022-2023

Volunteer Forms

Do it yourself sampling pole

ALLARM Monitoring Methods Manual

ALLARM Annual report 2020

ALLARM Annual Report 2021

October 2022 Water Fact

Stream Team Data Packets

Macroinvertebrate Monitoring Manual

2022 Stream of Consciousness

ALLARM Application 2023-2024

Data Reminders

ALLARM Annual Report 2022

Stormwater Water Fact 2023

2024 ALLARM application

ALLARM 2024 Application (with summer)

York Stream Team Data Packet 2024

Susquehanna Stream Team Data Packet 2024

Lycoming Stream Team Data Packet 2024

Luzerne Stream Team Data Packet 2024

Lebanon Stream Team Data Packet 2024

Lackawanna Stream Team Data Packet 2024

Dauphin Stream Team Data Packet 2024

Cumberland Stream Team Data Packet 2024

Columbia Stream Team Data Packet 2024

2023 Stream of Consciousness Newsletter

PFAS Water Fact

ALLARM 2023 Annual Report