Making an Appointment

To make an appointment call (717) 245-1663 (option 3) or visit the Kline Annex, 2nd Floor.

"Ask the Dietitian" Service: 

Have a question? Ask the Dietitian! If you have general questions, please submit them through our Ask the Dietitian form, or search the Questions and Answers section to read past entries.

How can Nutrition Services Help? 

Nutrition counseling is available for full-time Dickinson students who are currently enrolled in classes at the College. Medical Nutrition Therapy is provided by a registered dietitian (RD) who can help tailor your diet to meet your personal health needs, which may include (but are not limited to):

General health and wellness 

Weight management 

  • Type I and Type II diabetes 
  • Digestive disorders (i.e., Celiac sprue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's disease, Colitis, Diverticulitis) 
  • High cholesterol 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Disordered eating 
  • Food allergies or food intolerance 
  • Vegetarian and vegan diet 
  • Preconception and prenatal nutrition counseling 
  • Student athletes or other active students 
  • The dietitian can also assist you with: 
  • Maintaining a healthy, balanced eating pattern to meet individual nutrition needs. 
  • Making healthful dietary selections on and off campus. 
  • Setting realistic nutrition goals and strategies for achieving them. 
  • Identifying dietary behaviors that may contribute to the development of an eating disorder as well as make appropriate referrals. 
  • Sports team nutrition assessments and team nutrition counseling.