The Wellness Center offers counseling and psychiatric services to all Dickinson students, but students may choose to go off campus and seek those services from within the community. While the Wellness Center does not endorse any particular services, we have provided a list of available resources in Carlisle and the surrounding communities.



The following is a list of  local pharmacies. Please refer to your specific insurance policy or ask your parents if your policy requires you to use a specific pharmacy.

CVS Pharmacy
765 S W St, Carlisle 717-243-1384
841 E High St, Carlisle 717-243-1351

Giant Pharmacy
255 S Spring Garden St, Carlisle 717-249-8836

Holly Pharmacy
31 N Baltimore Ave, Mt. Holly Springs 717-486-5321

K-Mart Pharmacy
1180 Walnut Bottom Rd

Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy
328 N Hanover St, Carlisle 717-258-5300

MGM Pharmacy
39 Carlisle Rd, Newville 717-776-3182

1000 Claremont Rd, Carlisle 717-249-2159

Quality Care Pharmacy
1 Sprint Dr, Carlisle 717-249-5691

RiteAid Pharmacy
429 S. Hanover St, Carlisle 717-258-4800
1814 Spring Rd, Carlisle 717-249-7697
320 York Rd, Carlisle 717-245-0116

Smartmed Prescription Center
233 E. High St, Carlisle 717-243-9100

246 Westminster Dr, Carlisle 717-249-3509

60 Noble Blvd, Carlisle 717-258-4252

Weis Pharmacy
351 E High St, Carlisle 717-245-2541



We advise that students determine whether they are covered under a dental plan while in college to reduce out-of-pocket expenses, prior to making an appointment. You may also want to check with your parents to determine if you have dental insurance. In some instances, dental procedures may be covered by health insurance such as a tooth injury or wisdom tooth extraction and/or impaction.


Ammerman, Devey: 313 S. Hanover St. Carlisle 717-249-7111

Appleby, Thomas: 200 Walnut Bottom Rd. Carlisle 717-243-1969

Barnhart, Earl: 800 Belvedere Street, Carlisle 717-249-1347

Blashford, George: 35 Westminster Dr, Carlisle 717-243-2372

Bourdon, Joseph: 559 S. Hanover Street, Carlisle 717-245-0808

Burkett, Dennis: 13 Brookwood Ave., Carlisle 717-249-1776

Filip, Thomas: 701 A. S. West Street, Carlisle(717-243-8614

Flenniken, Neil: 300 State Street, Carlisle 717-249-7777

Gingrich, Lou: 38 State Street, Carlisle 717-243-9300

Mowery, Aaron: 55 S. College Street, Carlisle 717-243-0339

Killian, David: 305 S. Hanover Street, Carlisle 717-243-8888

Krajack, G. Ronald: 44 S. Pitt Street, Carlisle 717-249-7373

Mangan, Ronald: 701 S. West Street, Carlisle 717-243-9020

Neslund, Thomas: 13 Brookwood Ave, Carlisle 717-258-5455

Paviol, John: 8 Brookwood Ave, Carlisle 717-245-2258

Perkins, Allyn: 1909 Ritner Hwy, Carlisle 717-249-1646

Serafin, Robert: 542 S. Hanover, Carlisle 717-243-3335

Shore, Tamara: 542 S. Hanover Street, Carlisle 717-243-3335

Spivak, Bruce: 850 Walnut Bottom Road, Carlisle 717-243-5434

Spruill, William: 520 S. Pitt Street, Carlisle 717-245-0061

Stoup, Charles: 820 Belvedere Street, Carlisle 717-243-0300

Wong, Lillian: 520 S. Pitt Street, Carlisle 717-245-0061

Counseling Services:

Cumberland Valley Counseling Associates 717-243-1511
1200 Walnut Bottom Road, Suite 311, Carlisle, PA 17015

Franco Psychological Associates 717-243-1896
26 State Avenue, Carlisle, PA 17015

Franklin Family Services 717-243-6500
816 Belvedere Street, Carlisle, PA 17013 

Mock-Mays Counseling Associates 717-258-0214
47 W. Pomfret Street, Carlisle, PA 17013 

PA Counseling Services 717-245-9255
1 Greystone Road, Carlisle, PA 17013

Stevens Center 717-243-6033
33 State Avenue, Carlisle, PA 17015


Psychiatric Services:



Franklin Family Services 717-243-6500
816 Belvedere Street, Carlisle, PA 17013

Mary K. Kush, M.D. 717-243-4257
25 State Avenue, Suite A, Carlisle, PA 17015

(Surrounding Communities)  

Holy Spirit Behavioral Health Services 717-763-2219
503 North 21st Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011

Jagadeesh Moola, M.D. 717-761-1325
890 Poplar Church Road, Suite 409, Camp Hill, PA 17011

Joy Guziec, D.O. 717-730-0733
5006 Lenker Street, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute 717-782-6493 or 800-746-2496
2501 N Third St., Harrisburg Pa 17110

Philhaven 717-273-8871 or 800-932-0359
283 S. Butler Rd., Mt. Gretna, PA 17064


Alcohol and Substance Treatment and Services:

Roxbury Treatment Center
Minerva Mills Building
401 East Louther Street, Suite 213
Carlisle, PA 17013


PA Counseling Services
1 Greystone Road, Carlisle, PA 17013


Local AA Resources



National Provider Referral Websites:

Psychologist Locator
Therapy Directory
Network Therapy Counselor Finder
Drug Rehab Center Locator