Meal Plan Options

The Traditional Plan

This plan offers three meals a day Monday through Saturday and brunch and dinner on Sundays. The Traditional Plan is nontransferable and limited to one use per meal. You may not bring guests using this plan. Dickinson College recommends that first year students choose the Traditional Plan until study and eating habits are established. Students may change to another meal plan for second semester by accessing the Dickinson Gateway and choosing the Meal Plan Selection on the Student Forms website.

The Flexboard "Points" Plans

The following plans assign point values to every meal. When the card is used in the Dining Hall, the appropriate amount of points is deducted: two for breakfast, three for lunch and five for dinner. When points are used at alternative dining locations (The Quarry, The Underground, Union Station and the Biblio) they are deducted on an equivalent dollar-for-point basis--the total price of the items purchased is equivalent to the number of points taken. For example, if an item cost $1.25, you will have 1.25 points deducted from your balance. These plan have unlimited use for the duration of the points.

The Flexboard I Plan

This plan has a total a total of 700 points per semester and a Declining Balance Account amount of $125 attached.

The Flexboard II Plan

This plan has a total of 650 points per semester and a Declining Balance Account amount of $150 attached.

The Apartment Housing Flex Meal Plan

This plan is available only to students who live off campus or in college-owned apartments. It has a lower point total, 400 per semester, and a higher Declining Balance amount of $200. Students residing in college-owned apartments are automatically billed for the apartment flex meal plan, however they can choose from any of the above plans.

Note: If you run out of points, you may purchase a block of 25 points for $40 at the ID office. Flexboard points may be used for catering events, barbecues and specials. You may host guests at any dining location with this plan. Points and Meal Plan Declining Balance are nontransferable and nonrefundable.

Meal exchange credits and late lunches are available in Union Station, Underground, Quarry and Biblio.  All meal plans end with breakfast following the last day of finals except for seniors participating in commencement exercises.