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Student Employment

Thank you for your interest in joining Dickinson Culinary Services as a student employee!

Work schedules that can be "set" for the semester, competitive pay - $13/hour and a free meal with each work shift!

Please direct questions regarding student employment to Mark Devlin, Dining Hall Manager, or Josh Israeloff, Special Services Operations Manager at

For more information, please see our FAQ page here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to interview to work in Culinary Services?
No, Dickinson Culinary Services accepts all first-year students as a requirement for working on campus.

Is previous experience required to be hired?
No, but previous experience is great!

How long is a typical work shift?
Your shift can range from a minimum of 2 hours to 6 hours depending on your preferences and the business needs.

How many hours am I required to work per week?
You are required to work a minimum of 10-12 hours.

What is the maximum number of hours I can work per week?
You can work up to 18 hours per week.

What if I participate in extracurricular activities, can I still work for Culinary Services?
Yes, you will be asked to provide a schedule of regularly scheduled activities and will have to request off for any infrequent occurrences (i.e. performances, games, etc.).

Can I choose where I want to work?
Assignments and schedules are based on your availability, previous experience, and Culinary Services' business needs.

If I don’t want to work in Dickinson Culinary Services, can I work somewhere else on campus?
Exemptions may be granted only for special certifications needed by another Dickinson College employer, and if the request is approved for a lifeguard or rock wall climbing supervisor.

I have a federal work-study grant. Does this job qualify for that?

I am eligible for Federal Work-study; will I automatically be assigned the right number of hours to fulfill this grant?
No. You will need to determine how many hours you must work to fulfill your federal work-study grant; we do not have access to each student’s award amount.

To determine this, take the total amount per semester, and divide it by your hourly rate ($13.00) and number of weeks in the semester (average is 16 weeks) to find out how many hours you need to work per week each semester.

How do I fill out my pre-employment forms to work on campus?
Before the start of each academic year, we reach out to all first-year students via e-mail to ask if they want to work on campus. If you indicate you want to work, we will send you the link to the online forms to complete.

After the academic year has started, please contact us at, and we will get you the information you need to get started!

What should I do if I don’t have all of the information to fill out the online forms?
Fill out what you can; you will receive a notification that the form is incomplete. If you have specific questions about how to complete individual forms, you can e-mail us at

What kind of ID is acceptable for my I-9?
IDs must be original and unexpired. Click HERE for the list of acceptable IDs.

Do I have to have Work Study to work in Culinary Services?  What if I want to work more than the Work Study hours granted?
No, work-study is not required and you may continue to work if your Work Study hours are exhausted.  Other employers may choose to employ work-study hours only.

Can I bring photocopies or pictures of my IDs for my I-9?
All IDs must be the original item, no copies.

I don’t currently have a bank account, where can I get one?
You can visit a local branch HERE to set up an account.

I am an international student; do I need a U.S. bank account to be paid?
Yes. See the question above (“I don’t currently have a bank account; where can I get one?”) for the answer.

What do I do if I miss the employment enrollment deadline?
Complete your paperwork as soon as possible. If there is a waitlist, you will be added to it, and you will be contacted as soon as there is space available to work. Preference is given to Federal Work Study students who have all their employment forms complete.

I am an international student; how do I apply for a social security number (SSN)?
You will receive information regarding applying for an SSN number from Melodi Hendrickson from the Center for Global Student and Engagement. There will be an International Student Worker Orientation during Orientation Week to assist you with completing and finalizing all of the necessary paperwork required for working on campus. If you are starting work during the school year, please contact Heather Dunn for assistance.

I have not been scheduled for as many hours as I want to work. What should I do?
Contact your manager to request more hours as they become available. You can also pick up open shifts through the Shifts app in Teams, or contact your peers to pick up additional shifts (open shifts will be filled before shift pickups are approved).

 I am an international student, and I don’t have a social security number yet; How do I fill out the employment forms that ask for a social security number?
If you do not have a Social Security Number, you may leave that question blank. Providing a social security number is voluntary. 

I am an international student, and I do not have a STATE to fill out in the address line of my forms. What do I do?
Use your Physical Dickinson address for all of the forms:

Your Physical Dickinson Address is as follows: 
28 N. College Street
Hub Box: (enter your HUB Box Number is known)
Carlisle, PA 17013

On Form I-9, what is my citizenship status as an international student?
For Citizenship, select ‘Alien Authorized to Work”. Alien #: This can be found on your DS-2019 or your Form I20.
On the DS-2019:  Your Alien # is your SEVIS Number.  Each Form DS-2019 is printed with a unique identifier known as a “SEVIS ID number” in the top right-hand corner, which consists of an “alpha” character (N) and up to 11 numerical characters (E.g. N0002123457).

On the Form I-20: Your Alien # is your SEVIS Number.  It is typically located at the top of the page on the left-hand side above your name.  It consists of an “alpha” character (N) and up to 11 numerical characters (E.g. N0002123457).

Authorized to work until Date: This can also be found on your DS-2019 or your Form I-20.

On the DS-2019:   Your Authorized to Work until the date is the same as your Program End Date in Block #3 of the form.  It is most likely something like 5/17/2021. 

On Form I20:   Your Authorized to Work until the date is the same as your Program End Date in the Program of Study Block of the form.  It is most likely something like 5/17/2021. 

I am an international student and I have more questions about filling out my employment forms; Who should I contact?
If you have additional questions, please contact Heather Dunn at


Please direct any additional questions or concerns regarding student employment by emailing