Overview & Menus

Welcome to Dickinson College Dining Services Catering. Our services are available to the entire College community. Catering Services welcomes your patronage and wishes to be of service to you. We recommend that you review our Catering Guidelines for helpful information and to ensure a successful event.

We delight in sharing our recommendations on the art of fine dining that reflects a global cuisine with exquisite presentation. Our catering professionals will attend to every detail to allow you the pleasure of a carefree event. Only the freshest ingredients and highest quality fruits and vegetables meet the standards of our discerning kitchen. Trusted vendors with impeccable reputations supply our seafood, poultry and meats, and our delectable baked goods are prepared daily to ensure enticingly irresistible freshness.

Taxes & Fees

A 6% Pennsylvania state sales tax will be charged to all organizations that do not hold a tax-exempt status. A tax-exempt certificate must be provided at the time of booking to qualify for exemption. A 18% gratuity will be added to the cost of all non-campus functions.

Please Note: The menus listed are only suggestions and in most cases may be altered to meet your specific requirements. Because of fluctuating food costs, the quoted prices may be subject to change.

Questions? For additional information, call Dining Services at 717-245-1318.

Menus & Options

Freshly Baked Items

Catered Event Menus

End Of Semester Catering With Flex Plans

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