Blue Pups

The Blue Pups Room.
Cathryn Britcher 
Donna Lubold

The Blue Puppy room is always bustling with activity!  The children become more independent, and the staff work to encourage budding self-help and social skills while providing nurturing care.  Our staff encourages children to learn through many different types of hands-on activities. We like to use a variety of art mediums, sensory items and dramatic play.  The room is divided into learning centers, and the children are encouraged to explore the ever-changing toys.  We have many areas that help develop small and large motor skills.  The staff also help the children build on their developing language skills through books, songs and everyday conversations.  Our curriculum is theme-based and varied in order to engage all of the children in the room.


Weekly Lesson Plan


Daily Schedule
7:30-9:00  Good Morning!  Free Play, let's play and explore.
8:00-8:30  Diaper Changes
9:00-9:15  Snack Time
9:15-9:30  Gathering-sing, read books, concepts
9:30-10:00  Small Group Activities-coloring, painting, play-doh
9:50-10:10 Diaper Changes
10:10-11:00  Large Motor Activities-Playground, play room, walk around campus
 11:00-11:30  Free Play
 11:30-12:15  Lunch Time
 12:15-12:45  Diaper Changes/quiet time with books
 1:00-3:00  Nap
 3:00-3:30  Diaper Changes
 3:30-3:45  Snack Time
 3:45-5:30  Large Motor Activities-Playground or Play room until it is time to go home.


 *Diapers are always changed as needed, but the times that are noted are critical times when all diapers are changed, such as before and after nap.*