Emily Bowie, Environmental Science Major


Emily Bowie

Emily Bowie '14

Emily Bowie is a senior Environmental Science major. During a semester program that brought her an United Nations Conference on Climate Change Emily found her passion in issues of climate adaptation. In the future she intends to address these issues by integrating local food production, entrepreneurship, and community building. In her freshman year she helped found the Idea Fund - a student-run community project incubator and revolving loan fund. Originally the Marketing and Public Relations Team Director, she now serves as the Chair of the Idea Fund's Executive Board. When not innovating with her fellow fund-ers, Emily can be found at the Dickinson College Farm where she has worked for three years. Currently, she is conducting research at the farm designing and testing herbal remedies for sheep parasites. Emily is looking forward to a semester of conversations with fellow students she admires concerning sustainability, an issue they are all equally passionate about.