Dickinson Works to Solve Real World Problems

Dickinson’s Office of Campus Operations strives for sustainability in the management and design of the college’s physical facilities. Our motivations are multiple. Sustainable operations and facilities help to protect the environment and promote social and economic goals on our campus, in our community and in the wider world. They are, in a real sense, part of the curriculum of Dickinson, used as a Living Laboratory for modeling and testing strategies and solutions that are environmentally, socially and economically responsible.

We are linking our efforts to expand and enhance our sustainable campus operations with our sustainability across the curriculum initiative, global study and engagement, and co-curricular programs. We are working concurrently to infuse awareness, values and practices in campus life and community service that connect with and reinforce our sustainability goals as we live, learn and work at Dickinson.

We are seeking to engage students in these multiple facets of the College’s sustainability commitment, providing them opportunities to apply concepts from the classroom to real world problems, and encouraging them to draw on these experiences to enrich what happens in the classroom, not only for themselves, but for their peers as well.