Environmental Studies & Environmental Science Major Jobs 2022

Helen Schlimm in Greenland

Helen Schlimm '17 and just one of southwest Greenland's 20,000 lakes.

Jordyn Dean

Hometown: North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Majors: political science, environmental studies 
Employer: Anthesis Group
Job title: consultant I

Job Responsibilites

I’m incredibly excited to share my job opportunity post-grad as a junior consultant for Anthesis Group, a global environmental consulting firm. In this position, I’m responsible for entry-level data management and managing CDP projects for our clients. I’m in the process of training, but I will likely be working on emissions accounting and science-based targets in the future. It’s a really incredible opportunity, and I credit Dickinson’s amazing education in helping me to succeed in this new job! 

How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?

Dickinson’s liberal arts education has allowed me to answer questions in interviews more critically, which often gave me an edge against other candidates. Dickinson also gave me so many different opportunities to develop my skills outside of the classroom, which really impressed recruiters when I was job searching! I also greatly appreciate the Career Center in helping me build my resume and work on job applications, because I truly would have been lost without their guidance (huge thank-you to Annie Kondas!!)

What are you most anticipating about your career or post-graduate pursuits?

I’m so excited to work for Anthesis. They’re truly a company that aligns with the values Dickinson champions and the ones I hold close as well, so knowing that my organization is making a positive difference and that I can be a small part of that is more than incredible. 

What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?

Going on the Navajo Nation service trip my freshman year was the moment that stands out to me as really pivotal in how I defined my worldview. I grew up in a suburban bubble, so going on that trip and learning from the community made me realize that I had incredible privilege in how I navigate the world, and at the end of the day I was both grateful for the experience and uncomfortable with my presence there as a “service trip” member. It was monumental in teaching me that the world is complex and made up of different experiences and that I could do better to respect different cultures and their histories. I also met some incredible friends from Dickinson on the trip and bonded with faculty I never would have otherwise (you can tell Minda in IT that I say hello!)

Is there any other information you would like us to know?

I am truly so thankful for Dickinson as an institution. As someone who was a first-generation college student, I didn’t have a lot of guidance through the education process. But Dickinson has not only dramatically altered the way I think about the world, but it’s allowed me to pursue my lifelong dream of making the world a better place and making a career out of it. So truly, thank you so much for what you’ve done for me—it’s changed my life in the best way possible. 

Internship Experience

My summer internship was for the Westmoreland County Department of Planning and Development (located in Pa.), where I had the opportunity to develop proposals for a countywide sustainability policy. I focused mainly on county emissions, particularly in the waste sector, and met with local recyclers on developing a more comprehensive composting system. I also had the opportunity through this internship to work for the Westmoreland County Conservation District where I got my hands dirty working on an erosion-control project as well as some fish shocking!

Arek Moczulski

Hometown: South Amboy, New Jersey
Major: environmental science 
Employer: Student Conservation Association
Job title: fisheries technician
Volunteer Organization: Americorps
Job Responsibilities
We will be conducting EDNA sampling for nonnative frogs: this is pumping water through filters and also a visual survey. Next will be working on surveying culverts to evaluate them for fish passage: this involves traditional survey methods and electro fishing to identify presence of fish and types. We will be doing stand exams of young growth timber to determine type and need of thinning for understory development for deer forage. We will be onsite during construction of culverts to remove fish from the work site. We also will be helping out the recreation shop on various labor type projects, cleaning removing brush and the like at several cabins and trials. We will be cleaning debris from fish passes as well as repairing any damage to the strictures. There will be data error checking and organization of field data. We will be using tablets and GIS during our field collections and transferring the data through arc GIS online. 

Toby Ketchum

Hometown: Washington Depot, Connecticut
Majors: environmental studies 
Employer: Rapid7
Job title: business development representative 
Job Responsibilties
Entry-level sales position helping create sales opportunities. 
How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?
I have learned many skills in time management. I have also been able to foster many interpersonal skills that will assist me in my upcoming sales position. 
What are you most anticipating about your career or post-graduate pursuits?
I am excited to get into the professional world and continue to grow myself and my skill set.
What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?
All of my experiences with the Dickinson men's lacrosse team.
Internship Experience
I was a junior analyst for Edgewater Markets.

Claudia Bonaccorsi

Hometown: Third Lake, Illinois
Major: environmental studies 
Employer: The Site Program
Job title: English Teacher
Job Responsibilties
I will be teaching English in Lombardia, Italy, to Italian high schoolers and improving my Italian language skills. 
How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?
Dickinson has given me many opportunities to professionalize and get work experience. I was able to work in a few different academic departments and administrative and creative departments at the school. I also found the Career Center to be a great resource, and they have offered me dozens hours of advice and guidance, which I am incredibly grateful for. 
What are you most anticipating about your career or post-graduate pursuits?
I am very excited to fly to Italy this October and teach English for eight months in Milano. 
What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?
One defining moment of my Dickinson experience was being able to present research this past fall that I, along with my peers, prepared as part of the Baird Sustainability Fellowship. At the presentation, there were dozens of Dickinson professors, students and mostly employees of departments and companies that were interested in our research. The feedback and Q&A session was particularly meaningful and memorable, due to the great participation and feedback. 
Internship Experience
I work as a watershed coordinator at the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring at Dickinson. At ALLARM, we work to engage community members and volunteers in citizen science and to contribute to the health of local waterways. 

Brendan Carr

Hometown: North Wales, Pennsylvania
Majors: theatre & dance, environmental studies
Employer: Delaware Riverkeeper Network/Green Amendments for the Generations
Job title: media relations associate
Job Responsibilities
In this position, I will compose press releases, fact-check stories, increase public awareness of pressing environmental issues, organize press events and maintain relationships with local, state and national journalists. I will also collaborate with the advocacy and legal teams to support their efforts in spreading DRN's message of clean water for all and furthering GAFTG's goal of a constitutional right to a clean environment in all 50 states.
How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?
Through my coursework and extracurricular experiences, my time at Dickinson has encouraged me to think in an interdisciplinary way, taught me to be a well-rounded leader and has ultimately reinforced my curiosity about the world and my place within it. Through tackling a variety of projects, I've learned how to independently conduct research on topics I'm passionate about and collaborate with people who approach problems differently than I do.
What are you most anticipating about your career or post-graduate pursuits?
Through my position with the Delaware Riverkeeper Network/Green Amendments for thhe Generations, I'm looking forward to supporting my local community while simultaneously addressing national and global environmental issues. Outside of my job, I'm excited to continue exploring how theatre can directly address and point toward solutions to social problems, particularly in regards to climate change and fracking.
What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?
  • Studying abroad in London - During the summer of 2019, I studied abroad in London with Professor of TheatreTodd Wronski and 10 fellow Dickinsonians, where we studied the interactions between art and politics. Some highlights from the trip include seeing 22 performances, £5 tickets at Shakespeare's Globe, navigating the Tube with friends and completing real-time research on theatre for social change.
  • Performing with the Mermaid Players - Whether I'm acting, dramaturging, ushering or operating the sound board, I've been involved in just about every mainstage production throughout my time at Dickinson. Memorable performances include our fall 2018 production of Mr. Burns, our fall 2019 production of We Are Pussy Riot (or Everything is P.R.) and our spring 2022 performance of Little Shop of Horrors
  • Performing in the College Choir - Throughout my time at Dickinson, choir has been a space where I'm able to stay present and sing for a few hours of my day. Choir introduced me to some of my closest friends and some of my favorite songs. I hope to continue singing in a choir after graduation, as it brings me so much joy to do so.
  • Directing Graceland by Ellen Byron -  This past fall, I directed Ellen Byron's Graceland as part of my advanced directing class. This experience shaped me in so many ways, as it allowed me to return to the core of why I love theatre. Decades after its first performance, it's so cool that I got the chance to direct such witty and relevant play.
  • Creating my senior project - Along with fellow senior theatre majors Elisabeth Warren '22 and Ayana Rahman '22, the three of us collaborated to put on a production of David Auburn's Proof back in February of this year. I'm so proud of the work I created as an actor, sound designer and dramaturg for this performance, especially since the character of Hal varied greatly from characters I'd played previously. 
Internship Experience
I've had a few internship experiences during my time at Dickinson. During the summer of 2018, I worked as an assistant stage manager for a production at the Montgomery Theater in Souderton, Pa. I supported the stage manager in making costume and prop changes happen quickly backstage. During the summer of 2019, I interned at Synergy Environmental, an environmental consulting firm based in Royersford, Pa. I supported staff geologists in testing groundwater samples at Phase II and III remediated sites across Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. In the spring of 2020, I worked with Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Heather Bedi as a Dana research sssistant, where I crafted numerous annotated bibliographies on India's ongoing solar energy transition. Most recently, I worked as a research intern at the Environmental Peacebuilding Association, where I researched and wrote portions of a companywide paper on benefit-sharing funds and mining companies in the global south. Ultimately, these experiences helped me solidify my interests in environmental justice and policy.


Published March 22, 2022