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Todd Wronski

Professor of Theatre (1987)

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Montgomery House


An actor, director and playwright, Todd' s professional credits include work with the Guthrie Theater, the Dallas Theater Center, Pennsylvania Centre Stage, Florida's Annie Russell Theatre, New York's Cider Mill Playhouse and performances at the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe. Productions of his plays have included HOTEL INTOLERATO (Dickinson College), THE HAND (Trinity University), and IN MY CASE AN EXCEPTION SHOULD BE MADE, produced initially at the Randolph Studio, Edinburgh, Scotland, and subsequently at the Fresno (CA) Museum of Fine Arts. It was also recorded for broadcast on California Public Radio. As a director and producer, Todd's productions have been presented at many college, university and professional theatres domestically and also at the Randolph Studio (Edinburgh, Scotland), the Berliner Arbeiter Theatre (Berlin, Germany), the UEA Studio Theatre (Norwich, England), and the Teatro Bicchieraia (Arezzo, Italy.) Todd's most recent activities have included playing Mark Twain opposite British actor Tom Watson in " Dickens and Twain: Crossing the Pond" in England, Scotland and the US, and reviving his one man play based on the life and writings of William Saroyan (to mark the centenary of Saroyan's birth) which was performed in San Francisco, Fresno, New York City and Yerevan, Armenia.


  • B.A., Gustavus-Adolphus College, 1978
  • M.F.A., Trinity University, 1981. Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1997

2018-2019 Academic Year

Fall 2018

THDA 101 Theatre as Social Exploration
Theatre has always been, and continues to be, an artistic form in which society sees itself portrayed. Theatre artists reflect and are influenced by the way they see current social situations, but they also construct and present social criticism that points to a different or desired social future. This course will explore how theatre artists have contributed to movements advocating equality for individuals regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. A comparison will also be drawn by exploring how theatre artists' advocacy and perspective on such issues can be seen throughout theatrical history (in plays such as Shakespeare's Othello, Euripides' The Trojan Women, or Ibsen's A Doll's House, for instance.) By examining the rich tradition of dramatic performances—and especially through looking at performances on contemporary stages and in related dramatic forms--an appreciation for the role of the artist as an agent for social equality and change will be pursued through the course.

THDA 111 Ballet: Classical Ballet
Classes taught by CPYB faculty under the direction of Marcia Dale Weary founder and artistic director of the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet CPYB. Instruction will utilize the precise, disciplined and repetitive methods of ballet training developed by Ms. Weary. Careful consideration to alignment, placement and proper execution of steps will be covered in depth. Dickinson students at all levels of experience are welcome but will be required to take the official placement class usually held during the first week of the semester. All classes are taught at the CPYB Warehouse and Barn studio during studio hours on or after 4:30 Monday through Friday and at 9am Saturday with other possible classes until 4pm. This course carries 2 PE blocks when a student takes three hours of ballet weekly throughout the semester. Classes also count for those students enrolled in the CPYB Certificate program. When taken for 1 full academic credit, or two .5 academic credits in the same genre, these courses satisfy the Arts distribution requirement.

THDA 203 Acting I
An introduction to the principles and theories of acting combined with practical exercises and scene performance. This course fulfills the Arts distribution requirement.

Spring 2019

THDA 205 Directing
A study of the major techniques employed by stage directors. Visual theory, text analysis, collaborative techniques, and organizational strategies are examined and applied in class exercises including the direction of scenes. Prerequisite: 203.

THDA 495 Senior Project
A culminating experience for students completing the Theatre major with emphasis in Dramatic Literature, Acting/Directing, or Dance. The specific nature of projects will be determined on an individual basis, but all senior projects will consist of at least two of the following: a) scholarship, b) technical/production work, and c) performance. Students will register for .5 course credit in the fall semester, during which planning and research will be conducted, and .5 in the spring, during which presentation of the project will occur. Prerequisite: four .25 course credits in THDA 190.

Summer 2019

THDA 110 Theatre in England
A topics course in the history and performance of drama which uses performances in and expertise of the theatrical world in London as resources for its study. Taught only in the Summer Semester in England program. This course fulfills the Arts (Division I C) distribution requirement.

POSC 290 Sel Top in Political Scienc
Topics not normally studied in depth in the regular offerings are analyzed in these special topics courses. Recent offerings have included: Contemporary Political Ideologies, Mexican Politics, Political Thought of the Enlightenment, Politics in Fiction, Separation of Powers, The Bill of Rights, and Italian Politics. Prerequisite for 290 is dependent upon topic.

PMGT 290 Selected Topics
Courses in the area of Policy Management. The content of the course will reflect the interests and expertise of faculty and the needs of students. Prerequisite dependent upon topic.