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Housing Operations

Work Order Entry System

Maintenance and housekeeping/custodial services are centrally managed by Facilities Management. If the FAQ's below don't answer your questions, you can call Facilities Management at 717-245-1212.

What is the best way to get a maintenance issue in my building addressed?  

The best way to get a maintenance problem in your room or building addressed is to submit a work order yourself. It is always best and most effective if the person who has the problem or first noticed it is the one to submit the work request. That way, if a member of the Facilities Management staff has a question, that staff member will know whom to contact. If for some reason, you can not submit the request yourself, please give as much information as possible to the person who will be submitting it for you. 

How do I use the work order system?  

To use the work system for the first time, go to the Facilities Management site where you will find a link for "service requests".  Click on that link, and you will be asked to enter your email address. If you are new to the system, it will ask that you enter your last name to continue. It will then ask you to enter your first name, email address and phone numbers. Once this is done, you are registered and can begin using the system. To submit a work order, (Step 2) choose the type of building you are in from the “Location” pull down menu and then choose your building and the room number locations within the building where the problem exists. Select the type of problem you have (Step 3) and enter a description of it (Step 4). Put in the date you are requesting the work to be completed by (Step 5) and enter the password, which is ‘password’ (Step 6) and hit Submit (Step 7). If your request includes multiple trades, such as moving furniture and painting, please submit a separate work order for each trade.

How soon will someone come when I put in a work order? 

Every work order that is entered into the system is assigned by a member of the Facilities office staff to a technician. Assignments are prioritized based on a number of factors that include emergency or safety issues, time of day the request is made, requested completion date, or availability of technicians or materials. You will receive a notification email letting you know that your request has been received and the current status it has been given. You will also receive notification if the status changes or if the request is a duplicate or is being declined. Finally, you will receive notification when the technician assigned to your request files it as complete.