Room Selection

Updated informational and educational materials for the spring 2016 room selection process are now available. Roommate preferencing starts on Thursday, March 31st, the same day the MyHousing channel appears in the student Gateway. Please note: Students must register for at least one class during course request for the fall semester (Monday 3/28-Wednesday 3/30) in order to be entered into the housing lottery. 

Welcome to the room selection process for the 2016-2017 academic year. The online housing selection program, MyHousing, can be accessed through the Student Resources tab of your Gateway. Using this program, students can view their lottery time, select roommates, view available housing options, and select housing for next year. There are three major steps in order to complete the room selection process:

  1. Roommate preferencing
  2. Exploring available rooms
  3. Selecting a room

Please read through the information on this page, and in the attached documents, as many of your questions will be answered. If you still have questions, please attend one of the information sessions, stop by Residence Life & Housing during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-4:30PM), or send us an email at

Spring 2016 Calendar for Room Selection Process

Differential Pricing -  All small houses, apartments, and standard single rooms in traditional residence halls have an additional charge associated with this type of housing. Students are encouraged to consider this information as they are making decisions about housing options for the coming academic year. 

Instructional Guides:

MyHousing Tutorial with Screenshots - A step-by-step guide for completing the three steps of room selection. There are accompanying screenshots from MyHousing to assist in learning how to navigate the program.

Quick Reference Guide - A one-page guide for completing the three steps of room selection. All first year students will receive a paper copy of this guide in their HUB mailbox on March 31st, 2016. 

Roommate Preference Card - All students are strongly encouraged to complete this form, as it helps student identify multiple back-up options in the event that their first choice of housing assignments isn't available at the time of room selection. Students choosing to live with roommates of a different class year must complete this form so roommates can be administratively matched by Residence Life & Housing. Paper copies of this card are also available in Residence Life & Housing. Mixed-class roommate requests are due on Friday, April 15th by 4:00 PM to Residence Life & Housing. 

Weighted Roommate Groups - Mixed-class roommate groups will be weighted to determine which night the group will select housing during the room selection process. 

Proxy Instructions and Educational Information - This is an instructional and educational guide on proxying for another student during room selection.

Housing Forms:

Proxy Form - In the event a student needs a proxy because they cannot select housing at their appointed time, the student with the best lottery time needs to complete a Proxy Request form. All proxy requests are due on Friday, April 15th by 4:00 PM to Residence Life & Housing.

Roommate Finder Form - Students searching for a roommate can complete and submit a Roommate Finder Form. Completed Roommate Finder Forms are kept on file in Residence Life & Housing and students may stop by to view and/or select a roommate from these sheets. Residence Life & Housing will also start a closed Facebook group for students seeking a roommate. Please contact the office to be added to this group. 

Room Selection Pop-Up Messages - This document contains the language of all pop-ups for certain room types and properties around campus. Typically, only the person selecting a room for their group would see this. Since these pop-ups contain valuable information, a copy of them is being included here for students to review. If you have questions about which pop-ups pertain to a specific housing location, please contact Residence Life & Housing. 

Mixed-Class Roommate Group Form - Students seeking to live with roommates of a different class year must complete this form so they can be administratively matched as roommates. All requests are due by 4:00PM on Friday, April 15th. 

Specific Information for Small Houses & Apartments:

Comcast Service - Nearly all student residences are served by the College television, phone, and data networks. However, there are some small houses and apartments that are not served by these networks. Wired internet connections are available in these addresses. Students in these addresses are able to set up their own wireless internet, but must supply their own router and other installation equipment. Wireless routers can be found at any computer or office supply store for about $20.

Housekeeping Service - All small houses & apartments are designated as self-cleaning, with a few exceptions listed in this document. Students can contact Facilities Management at 717-245-1212 to request toilet paper, trash bags, and basic cleaning supplies (broom, vacuum cleaner, etc.). All student housing (including small houses & apartments) will be cleaned at break intervals (Fall Pause, Winter Break, and Spring Break) during the academic year.

Small House & Apartment Addresses - This document contains addresses of small houses & apartments students typically know by name as opposed to address. For example, the Denny Apartments and Factory Apartments. 

Trash & Recycling Collection Locations for Small Houses and Apartments - This document contains information on locations of trash & recycling collection locations for small houses and apartments. 

YouTube Videos on Living in Small Houses & Apartments - Students interested in living in small houses & apartments are encouraged to view these short videos. Students who previously lived in small houses & apartments share their experiences and give advice about living in this type of housing.

Configuration of Small Houses & Apartments - Students interested in living in small houses & apartments can find out the occupancy of and room types within specific housing assignments.