Room Selection

The room selection process for all students returning to campus for the second half of the semester will be taking place on April 19-21, 2022.  Roommate preferencing starts on Wednesday, April 6, which is the same day you should see your lottery time in Housing Self-Service (through Housing icon in Gateway). Please note: Students must have completed the "Room Selection 2022" application in Housing Self-Service, be registered for at least one class during course request for the fall semester, and ensure they do not have any financial hold on their account in order to be entered into the housing lottery.  All of these things must be completed prior to the lottery.  Therefore, if you have not done these things you will not be entered into the upcoming room selection process.

The online housing selection program, Housing Self-Service, can be accessed through the housing icon in your Gateway ( Using this program, students can view their lottery time, select roommates, view available housing options, and select housing for next year.

Please read through the information on this page, and in the attached documents, as many of your questions will be answered. If you still have questions, please contact Residence Life & Housing during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM) by phone at 717-245-1556 or send us an email at

Room Rates -  All small houses, apartments, and standard single rooms in traditional residence halls have an additional charge associated with this type of housing. Students are encouraged to consider this information as they are making decisions about housing options for the coming academic year. 

The dates for the Room Selection Process have been changed.  Here are the new dates that you should be are aware of:

  • April 6:  Roommate Selection Opens; Lottery Times Posted in Housing Self-Service.  
  • April 13: Proxy requests & mixed-class roommate groups due by 4pm EDT
  • April 19:  Rising Senior Room Selection
  • April 20:  Rising Junior Room Selection
  • April 21:  Rising Sophomore Room Selection

Instructional Guides:

Written Instructions:

Housing Self-Service Tutorial Videos:

Housing Forms:

Proxy Request Form - In the event a student needs a proxy because they cannot select housing at their appointed time, the student with the best lottery time needs to complete a Proxy Request form. All proxy requests are due on Wednesday, April 14 by 12pm EDT to Residence Life & Housing.  The designated proxy must agree to this role by completing the Proxy Acknowledgement Form by Thursday, April 14 at 12pm EDT.

Mixed-Class Roommate Group Form - Students seeking to live with roommates of a different class year must complete this form so they can be administratively matched as roommates. All requests are due by on Thursday, April 14 by 12pm EDT.  Students will be matched with their requested roommates after that due date.

Weighted Roommate Groups - Mixed-class roommate groups will be weighted to determine which night the group will select housing during the room selection process. 

Rising seniors = 3 points
Rising juniors = 2 points
Rising sophomores = 1 point

We will add the group’s points and divide by the number of people in the group to get a score using the following formula: Student 1 + Student 2 + Student 3 +… / number in group = X.

If X = 2.5 or greater, the group picks during the last slot of the Rising Senior Lottery (April 19)
If X = 2.25-2.49, the group picks during the first slot of the Rising Junior Lottery (April 20)
If X = 2.0-2.24, the group picks during the last slot of the Rising Junior Lottery (April 20)
If X = 1.5-1.9, the group picks during the first slot of the Rising Sophomore Lottery (April 21)
If X = less than 1.5, the group picks during the best sophomore time slot in the group on the Rising Sophomore Lottery (April 21)

The score will determine the night the group picks housing.

Common Scenarios

  • 2 rising seniors (at 3 points each) and 1 rising junior (at 2 points). Total group points of 8, divide by 3 people in the group, get group score of 2.67. This group picks during the last timeslot in the Senior Lottery (April 19).
  • 1 rising senior (at 3 points) and 2 rising juniors (at 2 points each). Total group points of 7, divide by 3 people in the group, get group score of 2.34. This group picks during the first timeslot in the Junior Lottery (April 20).
  • 1 rising senior (at 3 points) and 2 rising sophomores (at 1 point each). Total group points of 5, divide by 3 people in the group, get group score of 1.67. This group picks during the first timeslot in the Sophomore Lottery (April 21).

Other Pieces of Helpful Information:

  • The Configuration of Small Houses & Apartments - Students interested in living in small houses & apartments can find out the occupancy of and room types within specific housing assignments here.
  • Often times students confuse High Street Residence and 25/27 W. High Street when selecting a space in the lottery.  High Street Residence is the name of the newest residence hall built on our campus. 25/27 West High Street is the name of the building in downtown Carlisle that is on top of where the Square Bean coffee shop is.