Exterior of the townhouses

Small Houses & Apartments offer a variety of unique facilities for Dickinson students, typically in their senior year.  This ranges from row apartments and houses for three to eight students to larger apartment buildings with two, three, four, and five person apartments.

Floor Plans & Photos

In the spring of 2013, Student Senate asked Residence Life & Housing to provide access to general floor plans for students studying abroad.  Since that time we have made great efforts to ensure we are updating these floor plans so all students can access them to better understand the spaces in this area. The general floor plans for Goodyear, Factory, Denny, Townhouses, and other upper-class spaces can be found here

Also, we have been working to collect photos so students can see some of these unique spaces and how they are set up.  We are currently working to collect more photos but you can find the ones that we currently have here.