Spring Move Out - Graduating Students

This information was provided for the spring of 2018. This website will be updated with information about 2019 move out in April 2019.

Finals are approaching
Final exams are approaching. 24 hour quiet hours begin on Friday, May 4, 2018 at 9:00 PM. All students need to be aware of quiet hours and the need for an environment conducive to study. As always, students are responsible for ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to study and work on projects. Students who do not adhere to these expectations may be asked to leave the hall.

Let us know your Plans – (Response Required)
If you live in a traditional building, you will sign a sheet with your RA where you list your departure plans. If you live in a house or apartment, please respond to this link to let us know your plans for leaving: http://tinyurl.com/DsonClosingPlans. All students must respond by May 4 at 11:59pm.

Check Out
Graduating seniors check out through Student Life Office in the lower level of the HUB between 9am-7pm on Sunday, May 20; all seniors must check out and leave campus by 7:00pm. If you indicated on the form above that you plan to leave before Sunday, May 20 – we will contact you with instructions for checking out.

To be officially checked out of your room, sign check out paperwork and return keys, you must stop at the check out table. You are responsible for the key(s) that you were issued. It is important that you return your key(s) when you leave or you will be billed to have the lock changed (Minimum of $100.00/lock). If you have lost your keys, please notify the office immediately.

All of your personal belongings must be out of your room prior to the Residence Life & Housing staff member inspecting the room to check you out. If there are damages or belongings left in the room, you may be charged. If appropriate, you will share these charges with your roommate(s). The staff has been instructed to record damages on your check out form. Determination of who pays for what should be made between you and your roommate prior to check out. More specific information about damages and costs can be found on our website.

Cleaning Room and Trash Removal
Do not wait until the last minute to clean your room. Garbage bags and other cleaning materials may be obtained on a limited basis from your building housekeeping staff or from Facilities by calling (717) 245-1212 to assist you in this process. The following steps are suggested to clean your room prior to checking out of your residence:

  • Remove all personal items – including rugs - from your room prior to your check out (make sure to check all desk and bureau drawers for overlooked items)
  • Sweep/vacuum floors; mopping where necessary
  • Lock all windows and pull down blinds to the first pane
  • Take all trash directly to the appropriate locations. Do not leave trash in the hallways. All rooms not properly cleaned may be assessed a room cleaning charge. You may also be charged for sweeping trash into the hallways.

Note: Non-college furniture that is left behind will be removed by Facilities Management and the student account will be billed a removal fee.

Other helpful information
Donate Your Unwanted Items!

Look for boxes in your residence to donate unwanted items. These items will be sold at a community yard sale to support United Way of Carlisle and Cumberland County. If you live in a space without a donation box, contact uturn@dickinson.edu to organize a pick up time.

If you rented a Microfridge, please be aware that the unit must be cleaned and ready for pick-up during the week of May 22. If you need to make other arrangements for turning in your Microfridge, please contact the bookstore at x1887.

Dining Hall Hours
Dining hall hours will slightly change as finals week approaches. Please note the changes to serving hours. Hours of operation are available through Dining Services website.

Questions? Ask your RA/HAM or email reslife@dickinson.edu.

Good luck on your final exams and congratulations on your graduation!