Dining Dollars - Campus Dining Locations Only

Dining Dollars

Much like Declining Balance Accounts (DBA), Dining Dollars are a debit system allowing for quick purchasing. Dining Dollars; however, may only be used in dining locations, whereas DBA can be used to purchase other merchandise and services at locations such as the bookstore, Devil’s Den, and mail center.

This service is available to students only with Flex meal plans and will be loaded onto the College ID. A 10 percent discount is given when Dining Dollars are used with the exception of third-party services such as sushi or retail-packaged foods.

Dining Dollars may also be used to purchase Flex points. Balances may be checked at all dining locations or in the ID Office. Students and staff may also access their balances on the Dickinson Gateway.

The Dining Dollar built into any Flex plan is not transferable from one semester to the next. Balances cannot be refunded.