Declining Balance Account - NOT Meal Plans

Declining Balance - YOUR personal deposit account - this is not a meal plan option

The Declining Balance Account (DBA) is a debit card system implemented to expedite on-campus purchases and is funded by the card holder through personal deposits to the account. This service can be used at all Dining Services locations, the Health Center, FAS Mail Center, bookstore operations, Print Center, library copiers, and Farm Works. Shuttle service can be reserved online with DBA.

DBA is also accepted off-campus at The Pizza Grille (1007 Ritner Highway) and Miseno's.  This is NOT the meal plan; it is your personal deposit to the DBA.

The DBA is available to all students with or without a meal plan.

This service is available to students, faculty and staff.

The information for the DBA is encoded on the College ID. No other card is needed. A 10 percent discount is given when the DBA is used at any Dining Services location. The DBA may also be used to purchase Flexboard points for Flexboard participants only. Balances may be checked at all dining locations or in the ID Office. Students and staff may also access their DBA balances on the Dickinson Gateway.

MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover cards may be used to open or add to the DBA. Deposits can be made in the ID Office, Room 207 in the Holland Union Building or by calling (717) 245-1704. The DBA built into any Flexboard plan is not transferable from one semester to the next. Any funds added to the DBA can be carried throughout your college career or refunded at the end of any semester.

Money cannot be withdrawn and no refunds will be made until the end of each semester.