Environmental Studies Independent Research and Study Papers

Environmental Studies and Science Majors engage in a variety of types of research. The projects listed here are 1 or 2 semester independent study or independent research projects that are conducted under the guidance of a faculty advisor and follow the department *guidelines* for research. To request access to a hard copy or pdf version of the papers associated with these projects, please contact the Environmental Studies Technician by emailing thorpee@dickinson.edu.  Independent Research Papers are also available through the Dickinson College Library.

Previous Projects

Angelo Lan, "Evaluation of land use change impact on stream flow in Monocacy Creek, Northampton, PA"

The research is to study the pattern of land-use change in Monocacy Creek watershed throughout a period of 50 years and assess its potential impact on the water quantity of monocacy creek using GIS modeling.

Katie Tomsho, "Perspectives of citizens impacted by Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling"

The intent of this study is to produce a documentary focused on the different perspectives and attitudes of Pennsylvania citizens impacted by Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling through their involvement in grassroots organizations. The regions of focus will be Wayne County in the North Eastern corner of the state and Greene County in the South Western corner. The difference in the positions taken by the organizations in these counties will demonstrate the wide range of opinions concerning natural gas drilling.

Anna Farb, "Effects of vermicompost in potting soils and extract foliar sprays on plant health and productivity"

This study aims to assess how vermicompost liquid extract affects the growth and health of produce, such as romaine lettuce and pak choi, and to evaluate the use of vermicompost and compost in potting soil. The farm plans to produce its own potting soil with its vermicompost/compost produced onsite, so we will determine the most efficient (in terms of crop production), economical, and sustainable potting soil mixture.  

Additional research projects will be posted to this site in the near future. For more information please email thorpee@dickinson.edu.