Environmental Studies Alumni

As host to one of the oldest Environmental Studies programs in the country, Dickinson has a strong, diverse network of alumni in the environmental and sustainability fields. Many of our alumni stay in touch with the ENST department's current faculty and students and with fellow alumni via email updates, social networking, reunions and campus visits. Whether you are a student looking for career advice or an alum who is hoping to connect with old friends and colleagues, the dynamic network of ENST alumni can serve as an important resource for you.

Alumni Survey

Calling all ENST Alumni...please participate in the ENST Alumni Survey to stay in touch with the department and make certain that your updates are included in the alumni newsletter.

Alumni Newsletter

The 2018 Environmental Studies Alumni Newsletter is available in PDF format for online viewing.

Job, Internship, and Graduate Program Blog

Need help searching for internships, jobs, and graduate programs related to your degree? Check out the new ENST job, internship and graduate program blog called ENSTOpportunities! The blog will be updated regularly with new jobs, internships, and graduate programs as we recieve them. If you are now an employer and want to share a   job listing or graduate program to the blog, please contact Academic Tech Liz Burke at burkee@dickinson.edu.

ENSTOpportunities: https://blogs.dickinson.edu/enstopportunities/

Stay Connected

Visit the ENST department website each semester to learn what's new in the department and here at Dickinson. See what we have planned for the Earth Issues seminar series and contact us if you would like to serve as a presenter. "Like" us on Facebook. Stop by or email the ENST department technician if you are passing through Carlisle. We would love to hear from you!

Dickinson's Advising, Internships & Career Center provides resources for alumni to learn about environmental job opportunities and advertise openings to Dickinson students and fellow alumni. Explore Dickinson's Alumni page for more information on Homecoming, Alumni Weekend and other opportunities to stay connected with the campus community and fellow graduates.

ENST alumni may also be interested networking though our Linked-in Group, The Dickinson College Green Community.